Twintails, Aliens, and a Paper Boat


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XCOM 2 is out and if you read any of the posts constantly reading the Whale from the previous XCOM you can guess Draco is excited. If you didn’t then you can probably guess from the previous sentence. If you just skipped the first sentence you are very odd but Draco still loves you. Anyway you might wonder why Draco is saying is excited instead of it’s great or amazing and that  is a worthy wonder dear friend. Because of the poor optimization on launch and Draco’s very old PC it won’t load past the first mission’s load screen. This is pretty disappointing. Lucky for Draco there is one thing to complain about that is available to complain about.

Customization in XCOM 2 was hyped up to be extensive. Those little Miis on all the Nintendo consoles have more customization options that this does. Sure you can mod in your own items and get all the ribbons and tiny cows you desire but there really should have been more. In this day and age there should be a color wheel. That’s just standard. Go ahead and have presets but let those presets be refined. Paint let’s you do that. People borrow code all the time; rip it out of paint and just shove it in Firaxis… Don’t actually do that because Draco isn’t a legal adviser and that might be illegal but you get the idea. Anyway in the livestreams they mentioned making anime characters when they showed all the hair colors and Draco was all excited for that. They didn’t even have Twintails! Twintaaaaaaaaaaaaails. And most important of all, did you know that a few people found Dracoblag by googling Sunrider? If you don’t know what that is why would you but Draco has talked about it several times AAAAAAAAND the main character…


Has Twintails!!!!!!!!!!!!

Draco can’t even make characters that are relevant to Dracoblag.


No Sunrider girls are safe from the lacking customization features!

This is truly a travesty.  Draco can’t even run the game and this is somehow the biggest complaint. That’s how bad this is.

On a positive note, Red.


We all lie beneath her light

Draco bought this cool Red figurine and it finally showed up. So good. She’s bigger(taller) than you’d expect but the boxes is prettier than you’d expect so it’s worth it.



Zooming About and In Need of Treats


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These are trying times. They’re actually pretty ok but after Transistor Draco likes saying that. As for news Draco will have to post photos for photo class on Tumblr. As you already possibly know Draco loves taking photos so this is pretty great. Individual photos will be posted on Tumblr and groups of Photos will be posted on both. That’s pretty exciting. Sadly for you it will be “assignments” and not any old cool photo Draco takes but maybe some of those will slip in if we have time.



On a positive note, look how cute this is.

This is a super cute character from a super cute new game called Lonely Wolf Treat . Available Now!!!!!!! But really Tiff is such a great plush-artist too. Check out both.

Her name is Treat. It’s not some weird story about the only wolf treat in a box formerly full of wolf treats. Well it kinda is. It’s about a wolf in a town full of rabbits so if you wanna take it that way you could. You would probably be the weird one at that point but we still love you. As for taking you can take this game home for the price range of free-$12 million+. So go pick it up. It has wolves and wolves are cool. Also pick up Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, another game by this talented game maker which has more endings than most big budget choice based games combined. Also candy. It has candy. 10/10 great game.

Jumping to Doodle and Replacing Stress With Stress Simulator


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Draco started sketching again. It’s so much easier to use a pencil and paper than a mouse and program. It makes sense why the real serious digital artist people get those pen tablet things. Anyway check out some of these drawings.




Some Assassin


It has a nose









Draco often plays video games or watches anime to forget about the annoying things in real life. Those things that stress Draco out. Some of you are probably like that too. Maybe it’s books(book store closed down so Draco does this less at the moment) or Tv but you might use something. Anyway… Draco has been bothered by school recently. Sadly in college they shove courses together to make degrees as general as possible and also to waste your valuable money. Currently Draco is taking two classes which have nothing to do with anything Draco would want to do in the future and that’s pretty annoying. Draco would love to escape to anime land or short game land but there is a problem. They are very often about school. It might be a magic school or a giant robot school but it’s still the same thing. For example Magical Diary is a wonderful game Draco picked up during the last Steam sale and it just so happens to be about a magical school(It’s not the best looking but it’s actually really good. Don’t judge a visual novel by its cover). Ace Academy(potentially a Sunrider knockoff but who really cares) speaks for itself but it’s about giant robots too so ya know. Future Diary( lotta diaries here too apparently) which Draco picked up on Blu-ray from the wonderful RightStuf  is about excessive murder and romance in a school. It’s a wee bit annoying. Sure you can say hey don’t play or watch those right now and you’re of course right but everything else is usually too long. Oh well. Luckily in Spring Quarter Draco gets to take a class dedicated entirely to WordPress according to Ms Adviser. That means Draco can spend more time writing to you! As of now Draco has no time and barely got to write this. :D


Potentially a New Year and a Murdered Time-Space


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It’s new years which means that soon this year will be a different year than the year that it was.Presumably it will be a year that would or is expected to occur after the current year but you can really never know. WE can assume that 2016 is just around the corner but it could be like a movie where they film by location rather than chronological order. Now that we’ve built up a word count let’s talk about things. For instance Draco kept his new years resolution all year(assuming nothing happens within the next few hours). Did you keep yours? Let Draco know in the comments below hashtag winky face.

The most important thing to question is why have more personified versions of 2015 been murdered in cartoons? So far Draco has seen like five or six. Last year there was maybe one(For 2014. No one murdered 2015 last year to Draco’s knowledge). This idea seems to have gained a lot of traction this year. To be honest Draco prefers the rpg boss this isn’t even my final form or a Pokemon 2015 evolved into 2016 type of thing but the people get what they want. It’s just… What made the world so hungry for cartoon murder this year?


by Lentic

The Force Awakens(Spoilers), and The Accountant Fell Asleep


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Draco got to see the new Star Wars. This was planned to be entirely spoiler free but something needs to be discussed. It’s a callback to something grand from the past. Like the Force Awakens does; Let us remember what got us here. The literal previous post of Dracoblag! Draco was proud that the Empire chose to spend it’s money wisely. This is what happens when we put faith in people. We have to write apologies. Draco was wrong. Again…


The armor budget wasn’t big enough to stop the stupid construction of this ultimately pointless battle station. Who let them do this…

Apparently it was in the poster or something and it was definitely in the movie. Want to guess what happens to it by the end of the film? Ya. It was really impressive how many correct decisions the empire was making and then you see this. Admittedly they did likely save money by hollowing out a planet(What Draco proposed we do to the moon well before this movie came out cough cough cough) but since it met it’s obvious fate and took countless new and improved resources with it the endeavor clearly wasn’t worth it. At the very least Kylo Ren does seem to have a bit of common sense with his proposal to bring back clone soldiers but sadly he is taking orders from Kronos of the Marvel universe (Supreme Leader Snoke (Lame name )). The need intelligent leadership almost as much as the “Resistance” needs to use not an X-wing for their espionage and bombing operations. Like you have ships call “Y-wing bombers” and you use an X-wing for it? Jeez. Anyway we need Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is icon, marketable to merchandisers, and could actually do things that make sense.


Thrawn For Canon Leadership!

Thrawn For Canon Leadership!

For real though you can see the Lego, the Funko Pop, the… other thing. Action figures, t-shirts, Halloween costumes. Sell sell sell!

Don’t get Draco wrong though the movie is great. Super super nostalgia beam. Strong enough to destroy a million planets. A million planets in the shape of a heart. In a good way. Only one bit felt too fanfictiony(What are the odds they just randomly find the Falcon? And no don’t tell Draco the odds.). The final scene was glorious and in the future we’ll probably call it iconic. Very well done. The atmosphere seemed like it was thought out which is appreciated. Upon further thought it did everything that Star Wars Battlefront didn’t. It handled the franchise with respect and recognized what actually makes Star Wars good.

Pretty Okay and Pretty Great Are Different, and Pretty Armor Over Flawed Space Stations


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Draco saw Minecraft Story Mode in a Redbox which was blue. First of all how would that even work when the physical version just has a piece of paper to download the digital version more than likely? Second why was the Redbox blue? It’s a Redbox. It’s meant to be red… and a box. Anyway this got Draco thinking about a topic. If something is expected to be absolutely awful and it’s actually pretty average (Not fantastic but there are some good points) is that worthy of praise. If you have low expectations you can’t be disappointed as they say. The problem is we shouldn’t settle for not disappointed. You are the best, Draco is the best, and the best deserve the best story of all time. Adequate shouldn’t be insulted because it’s perfectly fine but it should not be held with the best. That isn’t fair to the best and or you. Your feelings prior don’t affect the actual quality. Especially remember this when you go to see the new Star Wars. Many are going in thinking that about the prequels and the hype but you must cast your preconceptions behind and judge it for what it is.

Thinking of Star Wars, Draco was thinking back to around when the trailer first came out and how the Empire made a decision Draco really didn’t agree with. At the end of Episode 6 it looked like they took some bad hits but in 7 it seemed like in the years since all they had done was change the armor design. One day while Draco was tweeting (If you already follow Draco on Twitter you basically know all the arguments about to be made) and such Draco realized this was the best decision by far. Since we’ve known the empire they’ve built Death Stars and then watched them explode. While they do spend quite some time planning and constructing them(less on the second one but still) the actual time they are operational can be estimated at around 3 days. According to all the expanded universe stuff that is still canon and common sense the last armor design lasted well over 10 years. When you lose a Death Star you lose the money, the hours, and the crew. The armor design likely improved the survivability of soldiers (They would go down in one hit before), will probably last for years,  and most importantly it cost enough to stop these idiots for throwing away highly trained personnel and enough money and materials to cripple nations by making it into a big exploding death machine. In the more recent trailers you can see they did upgrade the armaments as well which is nice but really any purchase is better than building another Death Star. While the helmets may provide far too limited visibility it’s a better investment.


The red is about where the old design had eye holes. Now they can see their sides! Wooooo!





Victory, Bravery, and Subscribe Hashtag-Winky-Face


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We did it!

We did it!

Remember that time there was a spider? It was last time. And that spider was in Draco’s Territory? You remember that.Now… now… it’s over. The traumatic experience has finally ended. No longer shall we suffer with spiders in the corner that you can’t reach but can still see. They are now outside. Yes Draco is merciful. Fear not noble citizens that if the spiders had touched anyone they would have been swiftly executed. All in all it ended happily for everyone who isn’t a spider. The spiders really got nothing out of this and they lost the ability to mooch off Draconian land.

Wise in wheat, foolish in choosing proper attire

Wise in wheat, foolish in choosing proper attire

It’s December again which means that little snow thing starts falling on some blogs including this one. Too bad the background doesn’t really work with it but Draco won’t change it. You don’t throw away beauty to suit the season. The other day Draco saw this girl wearing a sundress and it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s -6.66667 degrees for you Celsius fans. We should all aspire to be so steadfast. Don’t let the universe tell you what to do!

Draco was planning on including pictures of all the cool stuff Draco picked up on Black Friday/ Cyber Wheneverday but Finals are horrible and time-consuming. This all barely got out. Then the thought occurred that if Draco is going to tell you to be resolute there would need to be some resolute-ness on this end. So it happened. Clicked Publish. Woop woop. If you like and or hate the “woop woop” that just happened comment down below! If you liked Draco’s YouTube-person imitation hit like down below, subscribe, and do all the socials. Word count.

Don’t Set Eight Feet in Our Territory, Endless Savings, and You Saved Me So I Could Live to be Ungrateful


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So first off you have to know one thing. In one corner of one room, there is a spider. Draco can’t access the corner and it always stays there so it was fine. Then a mean moving spider came and ousted the spider. Now there are two spiders and they stray into Draco’s territory. They don’t know their place anymore. This is a problem.  Lucky for us we have The Rooks to fix that don’t we? The Rooks the Rooks the Rooks the Rooks the Rooks the Rooks. That is still annoying. Draco plans on making that a bit. You tired of it yet? Well if you are just call the Rooks. Surely they’ll fix all of your problems. Street gangs are (NOT) cool. All in all though, if you’re a spider stay away from Draco’s territory please.  You will die brutally. Have a nice day.


Draco hasn’t done as much gaming since one professor felt 60 hours of video alone in 3 days is worth 5 credits but after checking steam today Draco realized it’s steam sale time. Endless Legend, one of Draco’s favorite games, appears to be the big deal and it also seems they released tons of cheap or free dlc. Draco’s talked enough about the cools parts of the game but it’s nice when the devs are cool too. Everyone Always (EA) overcharges and release half games but the people at Amplitude are grade A generous and actually decent. If you want to bet they help kittens out of trees in their spare time your money is probably safe. Just top-notch behavior from a game studio. Clap clap clap. Buy their stuff.


The new Captain America movie trailer was out yesterday and it reminded Draco that people can be really stupid in stories and probably real life. The President of the US can pardon people/turkeys and yet Captain America aka guy who stopped an Alien Invasion and evil robots can’t get one for a brainwashed guy? If you’re evil they give you ridiculous things for no reason but they can’t throw a Captain a bone. Not even his supposed friend Iron Man who  unleashed the aforementioned evil robots will ease up. The same type of thing Happens in other stories such as Dragon Age Inquisition and it is just one of the most unforgivably stupid moves you can pull. Person selflessly helps you and the entire world after you nearly run it into the ground and you want to hurt them. It’s just one of those things that gets to Draco. grrrrrrrrrrr. It’s always a positive sign when a trailer gets you emotional though. Well maybe not… Bad trailers making you angry because they’re so bad isn’t good but in every other instance it’s a positive.

We Are The Blades of Aiur! and The Rooks^2


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For Aiur! ARrrrragargrgager!

StarCraft Legacy of the Void came out and Draco is very happy with it aside from a few problems. Not really problems per say but Draco just wants to whine ya know. These are basically spoiler full so leave now or forever hold your peace.

  1. Anyway they did a “what happened last time” of the whole series. They skipped everything including a character named Fenix who was pretty cool. Sadly he does die and they kinda ignore that every time so it kinda made sense that they left him out until they brought him back to life. Ya they brought the guy back to life. Didn’t mention him up till then. What they hell? That’s like a “what happened last time” for the last Harry Potter going “There is a guy named Harry who is a wizard” and then launching into something with Malfoy. At least a “Kerrigan killed this guy named Fenix who was friends with Jim but Jim got over it because Kerrigan is very good looking” please. That would have been enough. A mention. That’s all.
  2. In one mission they are just like “You can use these airplanes” which are actually called phoenix but whatever. Anyway there is no explanation to why we couldn’t use these perfectly fine units in any of the previous missions. The last two games it was “we don’t know how to make them but oh we found this thing that tells us how” whereas here it’s just presented to you. It’s the end of the world and you’re just going to hold back your planes? Why? There is no reason.
  3. They took Hallucination from Sentry. Not really an issue but apparently they thought it was cool for like six years and now suddenly they don’t. :(


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate came out and Draco is very happy with it aside from a few problems. Not really problems per say but Draco just wants to whine ya know. These are basically spoiler full so leave now or forever hold your peace.  Ya Draco reused the same sentence. How cool is that? You totally love it. It’s a bit creepy how much you love it… Get away you psychos. Ok now we’re strike-through-ing it. There. Ya see you ruined it. Anyway…

  1. Jacob sounds like a child. It’s pretty obvious why though. They marketed all their stuff around “The Rooks”. So about 10 minutes in Jacob starts going on about starting a gang called “The Rooks”. The Rooks the Rook the Rooks! Got a problem? The Rooks! Shoes untied? The Rooks! Feeling a bit hungry? The Rooks! Imagine a third movie about Steve Jobs where they show his actual birth and the minute he pops out he just turns to the camera and says “Mother, I’m going to start a company and call it Apple.” For years throughout childhood Jobs goes on with such phrases as “You can’t give me a B! I’m the President of Apple” and “The President of Apple can’t be going through Puberty! Have my assistant do it!” The sad part is that this all could have been avoided by having him not be sure about the name. That would have been hilarious just him and Evie sneaking around and him being like “Maybe the Pelicans?” and then like a third of the way through the game, maybe when you get the train he could be like “How about the Rooks?”. That would have been fine.
  2. Bishop is boring. They keep trying to shove her down people’s throats but she isn’t cool. She is the perfect warning story for the “Show not Tell” style of writing. They keep saying “Oh she is so cool!”, “Pretty mysterious that Bishop is?”, “I wonder if she was Black Ops?”, “What does Bishop really want?”. Desmond was more interesting and he was basically a mannequin with good DNA that people dragged around. Bishop is why Rogue was better than Unity and she really just drags down Syndicate.
  3. The outfits are ugly.

Ten Things That are Like You and Poor Kayto


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This post has been cooking in the oven for a bit. Yay lots of things to do, right? Love it. On a positive note it’s almost November 7th aka the best day. Ideally Draco will finish all the weeks work before then. On to the show!

So Draco was checking the Google results for Dracoblag because the first page must be Draco’s and then the thought occurred to click similar.

  1. The first result was called Success Rules because if you read Dracoblag you’ll be successful(probably(Draco isn’t making a guarantee so you can sue or some junk)).
  2. The next had a Donald Trump Quote.
  3. Nonsense disparaging of humanity and hatred. Like Draco complains but they really aren’t “mean mean I’m mopey” style complaints. The mistake can be made but it’s inexcusable.
  4. A question. What do you do when you can’t remember a friends name? This has actually troubled Draco so let’s answer this. Call them bro, dude, Galosaurus Rex, buddy, homie, the meister, skillet face, Tim, biscuit, The Herald of Andraste, Commander, Warden, Doc,  or just avoid any name related dialogue until you get them to say it.Captain2
  5. 3 reasons you feel you can’t draw. To be honest here there is one reason a person who can draw feels they cannot. They can see it. It is the greatest of tragedies that an artist sees their work in an unfinished state. How can one line on a paper stand up to your grand vision. Anyone would think they were bad at that point. Yes Draco did go the Rin Route on Katawa Shoujo; thanks for asking.
  6. An 18 year old woman named Felicity who enjoys tea, music, and cuddling. Draco enjoys two of those things. Well… one of those things… maybe… It depends… Regardless, Draco was 18 once. We’re basically twins.
  7. “I love you. You are beautiful.” and like 40 paragraphs more going on and on about it. That’s a new icebreaker for talking to a person you find attractive. Write them a novella of two incredibly short compliments over and over again in various forms.
  8. What to do if you’re a woman and you plan on dying. Get all the advice you need. This one was weird… Well it was actually about writing your will and it was a women’s website but the first way of saying it was more fun. Anyway maybe this is because of all the great advice Draco gives.
  9. Another question. What to do at a party if you don’t like to dance. This guys friend keeps asking him to her dance parties but he dislikes dancing. The number one answer to this question was “You probably do like dancing but you’re doing it wrong”. The second was “touch her butt while she isn’t looking”. The real answer is to do the Shepard Shuffle.
  10. Are people ignoring you? Learn how to not be ignored!Because you obviously can’t ignore Dracoblag! It’ll be the last tactical mistake of your miserable life. :o



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