How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop


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So you want to change your hair color. The steps will be different depending on the hair color. For brown you mostly adjust black and grey. If you have red you only adjust the reds. For blondes it’s yellow. Actually for blonde you can probably just overlay a different color onto it and call it good. Blonde is easiest.   Use blonde if you have the opportunity. It’s more fun.

Step 0: Acquire a face with hair.


This can be especially difficult so be careful.

Got it? Good.

For not black hair

Step 1: Selective color layer.

selective color.JPG

From this menu it’s the hourglass looking one.

selective color 2.JPG

You can also find it by clicking the circle!

Step 2: Layermask out everything but the hair

You can probably do this any time but you’ll be better able to see your success.

For areas with thin strands of hair use a low flow brush on your layer mask.

Step 3: Use sliders on the selective color layer to change color to the one you want

Is it that color? Good; you’re done.



For black hair

Step 1:  Hue saturation layer to desaturate your hair

You can use the same layer mask by holding alt and dragging the mask onto the hue saturation layer.

Hue saturation  is the one on the left of the scale.

selective color.JPG

You can also find it in the circle menu.

selective color 2.JPG

Step 2: Use a curves layer to bring out the highlights

It’s the one that looks like a snake graph. Also in circle menu.

Since it’s black hair you’ll probably lose them.

There are a few ways to do this but this one is felt easiest. Use what you like.

At this point you have grey hair! Maybe you can do something fun with that.

Step 3: Lower the exposure with and exposure layer

It’s the plus and minus one next to the upside-down triangle. Also in circle menu.

Just be sure not to lose your hair texture and you’re good. Be gentle with your sliders.


For more on changing hair color check out the guide that didn’t really help but still inspired this how to.






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The first couple of shots for this one came out really over exposed but it honestly worked. They kinda had a fae vibe which works for wizardy magic stuff.


And here is the lighting setup made in a lighting setup thing that really couldn’t represent what was going on perfectly but oh well.

light setup

Apparently you can use almost anything as a reflector.  Books, especially big tome looking books are great reflectors.


Titles of Importance and Mascots Heralding the Future!


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Draco’s doing a not for photography class post finally! Yay! ^_^


A photograph

It has been a while. It’s not like those posts are bad mind you, just the titles. Draco takes pride in these titles. Look at the title above! It’s not technically written at the time Draco wrote this sentence but surely it’s a masterpiece. Draco would say find a better title but Draco has like a million posts and it’s hard to choose. Draco won’t submit you to that kind of torture.

Draco has noticed people have mascots. Mascots are cool.


Draco wants a mascot. Like Draco is probably his own mascot but another mascot would be appreciated. Like how Superman had a dog. Sure you’re saying that these mascots are possessed by companies and individuals will 1000 times the fans Dracoblag has, but the people who invented Pokemon just repeatedly shoved their idea for mascots down people’s throats and now they are one of the most popular franchises in the world. It doesn’t matter when you start as long as you’re good. Draco would also like an assistant. What they would be assisting with is irrelevant. Odds are they would do nothing. Oh and Draco also needs a spllcheckr person. Draco shall get all of these things and less (Probably no assistant or sqellchkeerre( sadface :( )) in the coming months! Soon Draco shall acquire a computer made within this decade and then videos can happen. Maybe even some of that Twitch live streaming the kids are always talking about. One of those fancy drawing tablets is also in the mix so a mascot could be done relatively well. Expansion plans are expanding people! The future is now!!!!!-ish.




CAMERA 4) MACRO/Close-up


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These images are mostly very bright.

Don Paulson of recommends that for macro(uppy closey) photography. It’s not necessarily something anyone should do all the time but it does give you that one scene in the last hair potter movie effect. Spoiler sorta?



Anyway on to the show!!!!!!!!


The background is Draco’s second monitor. Just googled white and wow, background. If anyone knows what the wrapper says please comment down below. Also hit like and subscribe! *tooth glint*


These wilting dead flowers magically appeared the day a macro photography workshop happened. Magic is real.


These are from a brick wall. They kinda look like what they used to film the death star scenes in the original Star Wars.


This was also done with a monitor background but this one had the advantage of a grasper to grasp it. That makes the process a lot easier.





CAMERA 3: Create your own COLOR WHEEL


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Finding red was not very difficult. The sky is blue. Yellow flower was pretty mellow. Orange jewelry was lucky.  Almost had to settle for a traffic cone. Trees are green so that’s easy. Purple was a challenge. Apparently there are not many purple things. Grrrrrr.



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Reflections. These shots were actually really easy to take. They’re the kind you just stumble upon and say “hey look” and then it’s finished. There were other shots but they were filled with frustration and woe. Is it surprising that the photos that get hailed as “favorite” were the least pain inducing to take? The lesson here is that found photography is the best photography.

They’ve Found Us… Their Scanners are Way Better Than Ours


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So the other day one of the search terms used to find Dracoblag was “Lonely Wolf Treat“. The best part of the stats page is getting to find out how people stumbled upon you and Draco can be pretty proud of being lumped in with great content such as that. It’s a real treat.  It is however a shame that some people get here via Bing. Draco doesn’t blame you; not everyone has access to better search engines. Draco just hopes you get a better one soon!.

All of NomnomNami‘s games are great and you should go get them after this.

It’s also Treat’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! Draco clearly planned to hit publish today and wasn’t procrastinating at all! Draco is so good at planning. Some would say the best at planning.


So Draco was drawing again and it seems like a good idea to share that type of stuff with you lovely readers you. If you don’t put your work out there you punish yourself and the denizens of the story you want to tell. Sadly Draco’s scanner is bad and doing everything digitally is hard without a fancy drawing tablet thing. Complaining helps a little… Lucky for us all Photoshop is Photoshop and Draco was able to get them into a passable state. Prepare your eyes!

Draco 002

Dracoooooooooo with a flaming sword of justice! The scanner made you a one winged angel.❤

Animal 004

Some sort of animal. Wook at that wittle serious face!❤

Update: Draco’s Mom saw this and told Draco to fix it. It was fixed.

Egg Royalty 002

Egg Royalty!

Mallory 002

Mallory Reynolds and her mustachioed friend Mr. Spiky! Some day your story will be told but this is something at least…

Animal 002

When making this post, animal of unknown name popped up again! We will probably never know why but we should just let it be. This animal could be dangerous. This animal lost the line that defined their stomach… Thank you scanner… That’s great…






Sun Has Blocked You From Viewing Their Profile and Refreshing


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It’s the sun being blocked. Sunblock. Ahahahahahahaha!

The moral question of waiting a day till the sun is risen and actually blocking the sun out with a block or spending exactly 3 minutes in Photoshop came up today. Guess which one Draco picked.

So Draco keeps seeing this ad for a new sunblock from Proactive. The word they use to describe it is “refreshing”. Does that sound weird to anyone else? ” That sunblock really refreshed me” doesn’t seem like something people would say. “This sunblock was really ‘sunblock-er-y'” maybe. “Long-lasting”, “won’t stain your clothes”, “grants fire immunity” all seem like better choices than “refreshing”. As far as Draco knows people don’t go out and get sunblock for the experience. Usually saying “this is sunblock” is enough to sell sunblock. If you REALLY want to sell sunblock mention a high SPF and talk about the application method.  Oh and don’t forget the good-looking people in swim suits. Now that you understand advertising please send Draco 20,000 currency for this college level course*.


Moonlight is just a reflection of sunlight. If we covered the moon in sunblock we could make it invisible. Science yo.


* Please don’t actually send any money at this time. How you got Draco’s address is worrying enough. 

Caught Red Handed and Fake Blood


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 CAMERA 1: Edges

So this is an afterthought but if you have a fear of blood just skip this post. It’s not blood but it looks like it so that could be a problem for you. Here at Dracoblag we don’t want anyone to be negatively effected.


Sunrider Chibi are best chibi







So Draco was trying to do a photo, the image was clear and the execution seemed simple. Today Draco learned an important fact. Food coloring will stain your skin. There is a reason fake blood exists and apparently that is the reason. Actually it’s hard to believe that putting something like that on your body wouldn’t at least partially stain it. They must dilute it or something. Draco doesn’t claim to understand fake blood or how it works but it probably comes off easier than food coloring.


This was after about 30 minutes of scrubbing

Anyway, check it out.


Now you blood splatter analysts out there must be pulling your hair out but keep in mind that Draco just couldn’t be bothered to do that accurately. Also it would have probably required some finagling which would have ended up looking really creepy. Draco needs to sleep at night you know!

For those of you who are Photoshop fan, here is a tutorial on making fake blood via Photoshop! Don’t be like Draco and stain your hands!






The Wonders of Electricity and Labronbrium Powers You!


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The following post is brought to you by Labronbrium! A new fuel source that will replace electricity in a matter of years!


So Draco was watching Dimension W which is an anime currently airing on Toonami. Its set in the future and it remind Draco of a major pet peeve with sci-fi and beyond. This problem is not at its worst in Dimension W, they make up for it with other things. The following will be more about generic less popular series. It exists in big name series but we’re going for a general overview.


So it’s the future and magically in the future they find some new power source that is the best dang power source in the world. It powers your car, your house, your children, your dog, your gardener, your potatoes, basically everything.  That’s all well and good but then for some reason it’s literally all they talk about. It’s great that they have this stuff but think about real life. When is the last time you talked about the wonders of electricity in casual conversation with a friend? These are shallow attempts to dump exposition and differentiate the world from the real world. All it really does though is take up valuable dialogue space with cheesy almost product placement like imaginary battery talk. If you’re writing sci-fi or anything and want to tell everyone about some magic energy, either show (as in show don’t tell) the tech in action or bite the bullet and say it once or twice… unless they just discovered the technology. Draco still remembers a time when cell phones hadn’t dropped the “cell” and electric toothbrushes hadn’t dropped the “electric”. It’s overuse that makes this annoying. If electricity just came out and Draco was talking to some friends maybe Draco would talk about an electric lamp or whatever but then other matters like horse grooming, arranged marriages,  and sword fighting must be discussed. Don’t let the lamp take up your characters’ lives, sci-fi writers!


Labronbrium isn’t real by the way. It probably should have been obvious from the theme of the post but it should really be made clear. Also no one sponsors us even though they totally should!


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