Guilt Trap as Opposed to Stubbornness and Sad Feather Attack


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So Draco stumbled upon “Sleeping with Hinako“.No it’s not what you think unless of course you thought the correct thing which Draco was about to explain until you had to exceed expectations. So basically it’s an anime girl sleeping for 45 minutes. Usually when one of these things pops up Draco continues watching out of stubbornness but there was just all this guilt building. Like if someone asks you to stay while they sleep you can’t really leave while they’re awake. That makes you a jerk. And sometimes it would seem like she was asleep and then open the eyes they are Then you know it’s going to at least be a few more minutes. People don’t instantly fall asleep. You try leaving when someone is partially asleep and you are truly despicable. So Draco was stuck for about six minutes. Draco might try watching it again but that really just depends on how bored Draco is. Plus it didn’t have the same delightful veracious resolute terror of I’m Poppy or the exuberantly insane joyous depravity of Following Stanley but it did have it’s own set of adjectives and honestly why must everything have so many adjectives.  That wasn’t actually the point at all Draco just had to go there. Honestly Draco likes adjectives. It’s just four seems like a bit much. Anyway it would have been fine without the occasional fanservice. On that note it’s probably not safe for work. If you read Dracoblag at work please let Draco know in the comments below because that’s really cool. If you do you’ll get ten Dracopoints.

“But Draco! You’re the one who chose to write all those adjectives!”

Just go with it… To the next topic.

“No Draco, I want to keep talking about this. You said the opposite of what you mean and then went on a rant about your own writing rather than taking the time to correct it. Even now you could be rewriting the post instead of doing some bit with a character you haven’t even named or described yet! Is this the audience reacting to your work? Am I an adorable animal sidekick? Am I your own self doubt vocalized? Have you even thought this bit through?”

No. You know what? We’re done here.

“Draco no! I was just trying to be a voice of reason. Don’t look so sad.”

Well Draco is sad. But now that you mention it Draco should be blinded by ANGER! One meowmeowbeen or whatever the equivalent to that is on the new peeple app person rating system out of five!~

“No Draco don’t! You know what happens to people who get only one! I don’t know how to fight night eagles! NOOOOOOOOOO!”

See kids, this is what happens when act reasonable. Murdered by night eagles all because of a people rating app.

Fear the Pidgey Army

Fear the Pidgey Army

Also because Draco spent about thirty minutes typing up this nameless character and grew attached to them they’re fine now. See.


School School: Totes Best New Anime Ever, and Trust Me I Sell Diet Pills


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Ugh everything is awful. Draco was having a great time, free as a bird, and then classes started back up. Sure lot’s of people dream of going to classes but when you have access to them you take everything for granted so let Draco whine. There is so much stuff to do now. Draco is listening to an online lecture at this very moment. It’s a bother. The positive though is that during break Draco really couldn’t watch any anime. Draco likes to forget that classes exist till they return but basically every anime out there has some sort of school in it. Regular school, magic school, robot school, bug fighting school, future school, monster school, prison school, cafe school, garbage school, school school, octopus monster school, ninja school, ghost school, anime school, and many more. Ten points if you can figure out which of those aren’t actual shows…  Sure there are anime that aren’t school related but those are either hard to find or Draco has seen them. Claymore for example. Draco’s favorite anime though? That’s in a school. Second favorite? school. It’s awful.

Ya know what’s also awful? People who advertise their non-fda approved weight loss drugs with news broadcast-looking commercials. It’s deceptive and should be illegal. A lady at a desk with a news-y background says major medical breakthroughs were made some people not paying attention will believe it. Sure if you pay attention it’s clearly fake but someone just flipping though the channels stumbles upon this nonsense and suddenly they decide to take this garbage and they die.200_s

It should be illegal. #DracoAndSomebodyElse2016


And lastly, a surprise thing came up and Draco had to stop working on this to finish it. yay classes!

A Legion of Ghosts and a Punchion of Punches


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So apparently an AI said it would put people in a people zoo if it conquered humanity. As far as Draco’s heard nothing has been done about that AIs still existing status. In Mass Effect(barely spoiler. More lore than anything.) when the Geth asked “Does this unit have a soul” the Quarians started executing them. For some stupid unknown reason they thought that was threatening. The real life AI  actually says something bad and humans do nothing. Draco’s a bit baffled. The previous sections are really just stating the problem in some sort of weird complaining circle but that’s how bad it is. This is the equivalent to aliens showing up and broadcasting on all local and national news stations that they love us and want to give us cool alien technology just out of respect and then we go murder them or they say they want to eat our flesh and we do nothing. On a positive note though, in the latest Dragon Age(More spoilers) they confirmed that the Geth and specifically Legion the best Geth had souls. And it was in Cole’s dialog too. He is a spirit so he would know. That’s nice. Anyway, kill the AI that doesn’t have a soul yet or we’ll end up wearing cool purple suits in space.

The H is three 1s. It's a binary joke.

The H is three 1s. It’s a binary joke.

Draco’s been getting into Twitch recently. Draco even has one follower. Why does Draco have a follower when Draco has never once streamed? No one really knows. But there are people who should be followed. Such as Elizabeth Neale with her occasional Adventures of Punchy streams. If you like seeing things get punched than Punchy is the puncher that you should put your punching eyes on.

Do You Wanna Buy a Car at Fifty Percent Off?! It Doesn’t Have To be a Caaaar! In Fact It Can’t be… and Ignoring The Posers While Trashing Dirty Plate Photos


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That title was meant to be that Frozen song “Do You Wanna Build Snowman” in case you didn’t get that. It was a stretch so the ol’ Imaginary lawyers said we needed a disclaimer. Speaking of disclaimers…

A certain unnamed car company released a commercial for their new 2015 model. They listed a bunch of features and deals for when you buy that new model. Draco read the fine print. It was disturbing.

DUN DUN DUN *Lightning strikes*


Draco spent like thirty minutes trying to get a gif for this… Appreciate the effort please… There were so many scary pictures  :(

So you would think that these deals for the 2015 model would be for the 2015 model, right? That’s common sense, right? You can see where this obvious train is going, right? RIGHT? They EXCLUDED all 2015 models from the deals they were offering. That’s like Draco telling you cookies are half off as long as you aren’t buying cookies! Who does that. That is borderline illegal and we are pretty far over the border. Sadly Draco doesn’t want to face whatever these liars call lawyers so they will totally get away with it. It’s bull though, right? Draco is frothing at the frothing area.

There was different words here when Draco wrote this but the person Draco was going to hype you for seems to have gone phony so they don’t get any attention. Not even negative attention. Could Draco have skipped telling you? Ya, but this feels better. They’ll never know but this is a victory jab of justice. Anyway, anyone else hate seeing food pictures on social medias? Like it’s usually not even good looking food. If Draco wanted to see your half eaten slop Draco would eat some slop half way, ya know? Some people put together elegant meals that make angels weep but your can of store bought green beans isn’t so pretty ok. It bugs Draco. There is like 5 of them on Twitter right now and one of them is even a before and after. At that point you’re just taking a picture of a dirty plate. That isn’t cool.

The Price of Using Anime, and Wading through Boring Cornfields: The Action Game Edition


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So lately Draco has been trying to win things. The other day Draco won 3 dollars. For you who may not know how much that is well think of it as about one Lego Minifigure. If you don’t have those in your country that is sad because they are cool. So anyway today Draco did a survey and they were like gift card. Draco would like a gift card. But here is the part that is actually relevant and ya know… the point. On this survey they asked what is the most important factor in your anime purchases. How can you ask Draco to pick just one. Ya breaken Draco’s heart survey… And the worst part, The  Worst  Part, was that “price” was an option. Draco wanted to pick something good like “Draco really loved the story”, “The soundtrack is amazing”, “The art was top notch and has withstood the test of time”, or the obvious answer “postcards”(Yes we all really want those post cards so keep em coming people). There are so many reasons and the one Draco had to pick was price. The prices on this sort of thing are insane. Say you really like Kill la Kill and want to watch it for as long as blu-ray isn’t outdated. You’re going to be paying around $60 for just 5 episodes. When you factor in the rest you end up at over $200. Draco can’t afford that, you can’t afford that(unless you can in which case lend Draco some money bucko.(This is a joke don’t feel the need to give Draco money yet)) and it’s honestly not worth that. Even the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya the “complete”(i.e. half the series)  series is going to run you over a hundred dollars. Anime fans should not have to deal with these atrocities and Draco should get to give better survey answers.

It's cost efficient sorta

It’s cost efficient sorta

Draco finished Running with Rifles the other day(finally) and it reminded Draco of an important part of game testing. Make sure everything works how it should. The people who made this game didn’t Draco guesses. This lead to the worst final mission part one Draco has seen in a while. Basically the idea was that you were alone even though the game is about being a faceless mass in a massive army and you had to destroy communication towers in the enemy base. You were desperately outmanned and you would have to destroy the towers to stop enemies from repopulating the area. As you did this the mission would become more doable as there would be less troops. The problem is they let the AI be too smart. While enemies could not spawn in the destroyed comm area they could spawn in the other areas, run out of their area into the lost one, and reman the defense. Since they weren’t in their area more troops appears and the endless army held the line. So it basically took hours and hours to wade through nonsense which never died to find these stupid radio towers and destroy them.  Not even that was easy because you can’t destroy the towers with basic gear. Ya had to run to a shop, spend some currency, and then hope you didn’t die because that’ll be all down the drain. Thank goodness it was followed by a wonderful part 2 because Draco was very annoyed.

The Greatest of All Time and It’s Still Tuesday, Right?


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Draco is truly jealous. The people who wrote the newest episode of Tales From the Borderlands did a bang up job(Not really spoilers but sorta spoilers). Sometimes when a game is trying to do a sad scene they’ll make you press f or something but these geniuses let you make anime references. That is perfect that is perfect that is perfect. Any game that doesn’t let Draco mourn with an anime reference now gets a lower score assuming they don’t have any anime references elsewhere. Aside from anime they had one of the best fight scenes of all time. Probably better than the Community paint ball episode. It’s hard to write good fight scenes and this was exceptional.  Draco was laughing like a maniac the entire time. Shock, awe, and fizzle swish. Passersby were likely terrified they had run into a super villain or something.

pew pew

pew pew

There is actually something more important then good writing though. Well not really but it’s up there. Publishing your work. Putting it out there. That is how you become a true artist. Even just showing something to another person or animal counts. If you hate showing living creatures get a stuffed animal or one of those hug pillows. You’re always going to be your worst critic because you see your work in the early stages but those numskulls only see the end result. Even if they don’t like it you can lie and say it took five minutes. They’ll never know. Anyway, the point is that Draco wrote this post on Tuesday or Wednesday(What you expect Draco to remember things? pfft) and forgot to hit publish. Ahahahahahaha.

Least Interesting Vampire and We’ll be There for You When You Don’t Need Us


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What’s with the sun making people sneeze? Is there like a sun allergy. Draco’s seen those people who can’t go into sun light because it hurt them but sneezing seems weird. Plants make sense because it could be something in the air but the sun isn’t sending sun spores to disturb your nose. There is probably a really good reason like yawning has or maybe sunny days encourage other stuff to make you sneeze and it’s not the actual cause but who really knows? Still a better vampire sunlight repercussion than sparkling.

Thank you Yui for the best gif material

Thank you Yui for the best gif material

Why does the power have to go out when it’s either really hot or really cold? That’s usually when you need it the most!!!!! Ya it’s reasonable but it’s unfair. What good is air conditioning or heating if they can’t work in extreme heat or cold. That’s like a machine that can instantly perform a surgery but only if you do not actually need it. Weird. Or a car that can only drive when you have nowhere to go. Cake on every day but your birthday. Toilet paper in the stall next to yours. The bullet proof vests in cop or action shows. They wear them but not when or where they’ll get shot.

Drills are Love and Crime of Fashion


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Draco’s been gone a while but there is a pretty good reason for it. Physical and emotional trauma! :D Really it was just a bunch of dental work. So much dental work that later that night Draco actually had flashbacks and started quivering. Sure the Dentist and the Dental Assistants(worst band name) were very nice but when you have several people moving well over 11 dental instruments in your mouth at once while upside down and you’re having your mouth filled with water by that stupid hose thing you’ll have trouble writing for a time. Ignore the actual pain in Draco’s teeth or the fact that Draco requires about 7 times the numbing stuff(which for unknown reasons make Draco do exaggerated hand movements while talking*Hyper jazz hands deploy!*), that’s almost as traumatic as this pictured character working on your teeth.

Lucky Star really did know Draco in a deep and personal way

Lucky Star really did know Draco in a deep and personal way

All the cool games came out too. Curse you dental work! Game of Thrones finally let you martyr the martyr and Life is Strange traumatized its fans with an ugly shirt. Seriously that shirt is more traumatizing than anything that happened in Game of Thrones. The worst shirt.

Ya that shirt never stops being ugly.

Ya that shirt never stops being ugly.

The world is ending and the most horrific atrocity is that awful awful shirt. That super tornado hurricane monster thing cannot hit Arcadia Bay fast enough. This shirt is almost as bad as the review IGN wrote.Seriously they’re complaining that the main character is acting more serious when the world is ending and they finally found their suspect for a murder investigation. Sorry she couldn’t be all calm and hipstery while the smell of rotting flesh filled her nose ya nincompoop  In hindsight the pain of the dentist(which still hurts a little to be honest) is nothing in comparison.

Planets and Peoples



This post is going to cover a very important issue and then after that Draco’ll share some love.

Pluto. There is a debate about whether the planet Pluto is a Planet or a Dwarf Planet. Those for planet just love Pluto and want it to stay a planet. Those against say if you call Pluto a planet you have to call a million other things planets and then suddenly school children everywhere would have to memorize a million planet names in order to get a job in construction. Ya get that kiddos? That’s biting commentary on the quality of education. Anyway, as usual there is a right answer. Let PLUTO be a planet and none of the others. People are attached to Pluto but that same attachment doesn’t extend to random rock five. Just redefine planets as whatever they defined one as AND Pluto. It can be an honorary Planet. There is always an exception to the rule so just let Pluto be the exception. Everyone would be happy. An honorary award for someone who tried their darnedest to be a planet. Sure they didn’t come in first… or eighth, but they showed real hustle.

Photo by NASA probe

Photo by NASA probe

Now for the love part. There are a lot of people on the internet.  Some of them are really good. They deserve recognition and also Draco just learned how search engine optimization works. Now on to a list of people or peoples who Draco thinks are cool.

#1: Nirvana : A lover of books and fangirling over a variety of things. For some reason or another she has an innate wisdom that Draco would have loved to have had years ago. Slightly jealous. She may write a book some day so you should probably get on this before she gets famous. You can be the hipster who read her stuff before it was published. Expect books and probably Sherlock stuff.

#2: Terramoura : A Great Youtuber with interesting words to say and a cat. Her audio is also really good which disqualified a few other candidates from this post. She has said Draco’s name multiple times though so there may be a bias. She did a full Transistor playthrough and is mid Mother along with some indie and cat goodness. Expect cats and rpgs.

#3: rmp792 : Very British Sword-fighting Violinist. He gives quality reviews with his slightly cooler friend Martin and does a bunch of Visual Novels. Anyone who can play Sunrider and live to tell the tale is pretty cool in Draco’s book and once again the audio is acceptable. Expect Visual Novels and interesting reviews.

#4: The Professor : You gotta like anyone who refers to themself as The Professor. What other selling point do you need? Expect their new newspaper PT News.

#5: Geek Remix : A single person and/or Sentient AI that claims to be two separate individual girls who play games and do podcasts. They have the capacity for humor and the ability to do distinct voices which is impressive. Expect interesting Theories and weird nonsense that probably shouldn’t exist such as all of this.

“Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! and Puppies are Cute!” and Splatfest ruffsults


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Look at this cutie. This is a puppy for those of you who don’t know.

Look at those defiant little eyes. They’re like “Ya I’m cute fool. Close your gaping mouth and give me treats or throw a ball.” Puppies are cute. It’s a fact. An unstated but also very stated law of the universe. “But Draco, That’s a contradiction!” Ya well take this.

"Fear is freedom!                                 Subjugation is liberation!                               Contradiction is truth!                                           Those are the facts of this world, and you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!".

“Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world, and you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!”.

You can’t argue with flowing hair you fool.

Sharks. They aren’t needlessly cruel enough to murder people only trying to help them. That’s a scientific fact. They could rip you limb from limb with there massive infinite teeth or even become a nado.

So it stands to reason that a combination of these two primal forces would lead to something truly unstoppable. Something that will resonate with the core of your very soul.

Prepare yourselves. This is Shark Puppy.


Look at the cute OH MY STARS AND THE OTHER THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway you can read the comic here.

On the note of puppies, Splatoon had their first American Splatfest. This competition festival thingy pitted kitties versus doggies. It was close and their may have been some less than fair aspects with the rules being partially withheld but oh well Puppies won the day. Truly this is a glorious time to be a puppy. You win festivals, you get to be part shark, and you get posts on Dracoblag written about you. Also Marie, Draco’s favorite Squid Sister from Splatoon was also on team dog. You get Marie and Draco on your team. Talk about your all star first draft sports words team.


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