Draco reviews The End( the Game, not the Movie, Book, Song, Poem, Sculpture, or Pet Turtle)


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Draco was delayed due to jumping and wanting to sleep. Honestly it’s better though because originally this post was gong to include a rant about sleep schedules and all that and no one really wants to hear that, right? AND NOW people were being loud so Draco lost his train of thought. AND AND NOW AVG DID THAT “FIX COMMON PROBLEMS” THING THAT NO ONE REALLY WANTS AND IT MADE DRACO LOSE HIS TRAIN OF THOUGHT ON A PARAGRAPH WHICH WAS SOLELY GOING TO BE ABOUT LOSING HIS TRAIN OF THOUGHT! WHEN WILL THE LOSING OF THOUGHT TRAINS END?


Before we begin the review lets take a moment to appreciate that smooth transition.

So about The End… Go go press release ranger!

The End is a free, online web-game commissioned by Channel 4 Education, and scheduled for release in August 2011.

It is a game of self-discovery for 14-19 year olds which integrates strategy, puzzles and philosophical questions into a world which explores a range of commonly (or less commonly) held views about death, belief and science.

The game takes the player on a metaphysical journey, recording their interactions in the world to reveal their attitudes towards mortality. These views are presented alongside their friends and some of the most important thinkers of our time, such as Gandhi, Descartes and Einstein.

Set across three worlds – Mind, Body and Spirit – the player must use a unique shadow ‘n’ light mechanic to solve physics-based puzzles, answer questions and battle the world’s Guardians. The ultimate prizes are the Death Objects, ranging from a memorial diamond to a human heart, which deepen a player’s contextual knowledge of death and help them progress through the game.

The End is produced by award-winning games studio Preloaded with content from the mega brained Tom Chatfield (author of Fun INC). It has been illustrated with the ninja pencil skills of Luke Pearson and has an original score composed by Peter Mauder of Phonotheque. Additional consultancy has also been provided by Nigel Warburton (creator of the successful Philosophy Bites podcasts).

The End is this cute little browser game by @C4education / @Preloaded that asks those hard-hitting question about life and death and all such things. Also they have the best press release Draco has seen yet. That doesn’t really tell you about the game but it’s clear that the people behind The End are extremely helpful.  Literally the opposite of what a group trying to make The End in real life would be like. Also probably less cackling and self destruct switches. Thank you for padding Draco’s word count.

It was recommended to Draco as a device to test character morality. Basically you have your character go through the quiz and blah blah blah self discovery. It really doesn’t work well for that task. It’ll probably take around 4 hours more or less to finish and that’s impractical if you have a giant cast. There may be a way to change it all after you finish but that’s no fun. You want to do things right you make each character a seperate profile.  Anyway…


To start off with you make a cute little avatar of yourself and then you’re expected to walk in a line. This section took Draco about 10 minutes because what if there is suddenly a secret back the other way? The screen will gradually shake more and more until the world seems to end and then you get yelled at by Super Buff Meat Boy, Puff the Magic Dragon Man, and Pink Mouth Cthulhu. Then you go on a journey to convince these three to give you all their stuff.


So when Draco was told to play this Draco expected moral questions and moral questions but most of the game is jumping puzzles.


They do have a cute little walk on shadows mechanic which lets you make shadows into solid platforms which you or objects can be supported by but most of the game takes place in areas too bright to actually use it. Most of the time you’re pulling levers, climbing ladders, and jumping from platform to platform to avoid spikes. Sometimes you have to aid boulders in their journey to hold down pressure plates. On your jump journey you’ll encounter a keys with some lovely quotes and at the end of each stage a set of doors.theend4


These doors come with moral questions( Yay!) which could take you anywhere up to 4 minutes or so to answer. Beyond these doors lies one of the three apparent guardians, Super Buff Meat Boy, Puff the Magic Dragon Man, and Pink Mouth Cthulhu, who will then play some sort of board game with you. The stakes are thankfully low because if they actually wanted Draco to go do the entire level over again just for a single bad hand of tiles then this review would just be Draco ranting and screaming instead of a review style review.



So you pick little bonus powers, a hand is generated, and aside from the numbers it’s basically Othello. You try to flip your opponents pieces by having a higher number .Ideally you think ahead and understand what tiles can flip your tiles and then wear the opponent down until they have no moves left but at later stages they may be able to obscure their tiles as seen above. If you’re fast enough you can see what the tile has before they play it but that’s sorta cheaty. It’s fairly straight forward overall.

Other Stuff

One of Draco’s favorite part of The End was the little bios for each object.

Admittedly it’s a little weird. There doesn’t really seem like there is a point to them story-wise. Like if there was a way to drop one and then you did drop one but no one noticed the story probably wouldn’t be affected.

The best part of The End though is the Death Dial.

Watching the little dot move as more questions were answered and seeing the most like section change from Karl Marx, to Winston Churchill,  to Rosa Parks, and finally to Indira Gandhi was quite entertaining. The Crusader/ Awakener/ Truth-teller / Mystic stuff was also enjoyable but comparing yourself to famous people is always the most fun.

Image result for crusader public domain

This armor is so cool looking though.

The comparison is the draw and what will make you think back on the experience ultimately. Draco had fun even though platformers are Draco’s least favorite playable genre.Jumping from platform to platform can apparently be enhanced with philoshpy apparently.

The Future May Twist and Turn but Don’t Lose Your Way Towards Staying Fresh With the Cavalry


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Draco went to the merchants the other day to buy their wares. Warning this will mostly be Draco bragging about stuff Draco bought. On the way there Draco learned that some people can apparently bend infinitely. Draco saw a car accident result and the poor guy was twisted around. Spine had to have been spring shaped, oh and his one leg had a brand new knee below his regular knee. Draco suspected he was dead but then a few minutes later the guy was walking around. Not a visible scratch on him. Twas magic apparently.

Image result for gumby

Anyway Draco went into this one anime store. Draco is always feeling terrible when Draco goes in this store but that’s not their fault. Same thing happens any time Draco talks to an adviser. They had stuff and of course Draco wanted a lot of it but Draco isn’t willing to drop $200 on not actually metal swords, Draco has too much shame to buy a boob mouse pad( though Draco needs an actual mouse pad so it would have been an actually practical purchase), wall scrolls need somewhere to hang, the plushies weren’t appealing enough,  and all of the costumes would have looked ridiculous on Draco so Draco just grabbed a shirt and some blind bags. This cashier was much better than the one Draco met at this store the last time and she convinced Draco to buy two additional bags. It was $15 for 2; $20 for 3… The shirt didn’t fit even though it was a large but Draco isn’t feeling bad because at another store Draco bought a size medium and it fit. Clothing makers need to get their act together. All in all check out the cute future of music Miku!


Draco tried to make this one look hologram-y without making many selections. It was Miku’s birthday the other day so be sure to wish her a happy one.


The bottom Miku had lighting issues which is why she got the solo shot. The only reason this didn’t get cropped more was to save a pic and show off Helena. Helena is the best yo. Be sure to watch Orphan Black since it’s better than whatever show steals Best Actress from Tatiana Maslany.


So then Draco went in search of refreshment, as one does on a hunt. Yadda yadda stuff blablah Draco came upon another provider of goods. The contents of the shop reminded Draco of that one store Draco went to where the shopkeeper told Draco to go away since Draco obviously couldn’t afford any of the obviously high price items( worthless knockoff garbage) in his tiny cubical shop but this shop was bigger with more items and better staff. As Draco was respectfully greeted by a proper shopkeeper Draco noticed the same item that had caught Draco’s eye earlier. Admittedly wooden rather than plastic but oh well. Super cheap anime related sword and they had a two for one special since it was part of a set.


Every time Draco looks at this Draco laughs. What a totally nonsensical purchase.

Image result for Nonsense is how we roll!

Credit to PonyLord

It may not be perfect but it was cheap and it does exist so ultimately Draco is happy with the purchase. The scissorblades are some of the most iconic swords of recent anime so Draco is glad to have them. Well even if they weren’t iconic Draco would be happy with just about anything Kill la Kill related.A real one like they made on Man At Arms Reforged would have been preferable but way more expensive.

Then Draco just went to Barnes and Noble s and picked up some of the usj.

Oh and the other day Draco picked up some of them amiibo the ebays are always talking about. Callie and Marie are truly squidtastic.


“Stay Fresh”

And then way before that Draco picked up this Tracer Pop


“Keep calm and Tracer on!”

Draco wasn’t going to share this one since it was a while ago but Draco spent too much time making her chronal accelerator shiny and lit.


Pant Pants Pantaloons and a Good Source of Stress


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Warning: Draco talks about stuff he found on a website that believes it’s religious.In reality it’s just a small pathetic group that just wants a way to feel superior and that their miserable pathetic lives have value by disgracing established religions with their presence. If you don’t like reading about such things please skip to the part that starts with KABLAMO!

Image result for katy perry the devil

So Draco was watching the telly and noticed something. It wasn’t something important but it was something Draco could gripe about for like 200 words or so so it seemed perfect for a post. This is the gold Draco thrives on. If people can charge money to read an article whining about Overwatch characters being called heroes Draco can certainly whine about this for free( if only Draco could figure out a way to charge… you didn’t read that). Side note Draco would like to rant about that eventually. Please remind Draco; thank you. So anyway Draco went to go research the topic because what if it’s just some obscure thing Draco didn’t know. Draco doesn’t want to seem like some jerk complaining about a normal thing. So Draco goes and searches and as far as Draco can tell the complaint is 100% valid but what catches Draco’s attention is that the first two results were about how women who wear pants are harlots and that Katy Perry is an agent of the devil. Along with that, apparently watching television makes you an adulterer. Disappointingly Draco can’t replicate the results a day later but the fact that these stupid sites could appear from a simple grammar check is disturbing( Actually Draco did after finishing this post but they certainly won’t get any traffic from here.). All people have the right to wear whatever clothing they want( Well assuming it’s not like naked clothing. Like you can’t just puts socks on and say ” hey I’m fully dressed”. You’ll catch a cold that way). As for television being adultery well the only way that works is if you don’t know what adultery means… Perhaps they should read a book.  Also how does such a stupid lunatic make a web page? Sure their choice of colors is atrocious but still they made an actual website.  Draco took multiple classes in college that were all about coding and yet this imbecile didn’t even miss a semicolon.  Well to be specific multiple imbeciles because  there were multiple site but imagining them as one congealed mass makes Draco feel better about humanity as a whole. It’s hateful idiots like this that have given Draco a two-week long headache( Actually it was probably the weather or neck position that prolonged it but stupidity definitely started it.). Ignorance is bliss so they’re probably having a wonderful time being awful and thinking that either god or the devil actually care about leg-wear. Sure there is that old saying “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing women to put their legs into two cylinders of fabric also Katy Perry is totes his bff lol and hes cheatin on his wif with a televisizn” but that will never actually be a saying and if anyone actually believes garbage like “women shouldn’t wear pants” or “watching television is adultery” Draco hopes you have a terrible day and gain some common sense. Also some sort of pants related punishment like they just catch on fire or something. That’d be swell. It’s hard to think of a tv related punishment other than having a tv fall on their head and sure they probably deserve that but Draco’s a softie so lets leave it at fire.



Anyway the thing Draco originally wanted to complain about.There was a Victoria’s Secret commercial and they apparently started calling their lines of sports pants “sports pant”.So they are pants but they leave off the s. It’s a singular pant apparently. It’s not half a pair of pants either; it’s the whole pants. that’s sorta weird. It’s not really a problem but really, who was in that meeting where they decided to drop the s? How did they make that decision. Draco is flabbergasted. It’d be like Toyota deciding they sell truk. Sure it has no bearing on the product but it’s really weird. It’s hard to focus on when you get distracted by garbage cans learning html  and spewing stupid vitriol but when you ignore that it does provide a quality baffling. It’s like how baffling can apparently be a noun except how that is surprisingly common and pant being used for pants is relatively rare.

This is surprisingly from 2012… This has been going on longer than we could have ever expected.





Also, as a reward for that rant here you may gaze upon a corgi puppy.

Image result for corgi puppy

So Much Draco and the Itsy Bitsy Spider


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So Draco saw this spider in the shower. Actually before the story look at how Draco used “So Draco” AGAIN after mentioning the habit in the last post. It wasn’t a conscious decision either.


Draco had a clear plan to stretch one story about a spider into a full post and yet this happens. What a magical world we live in!

Anyway the spider. It was probably a baby spider. No bigger than several eyelashes combined into the shape of a spider. It crawled in to get water or something probably. The problem was that it was just slightly bigger than a water droplet and water droplets could probably kill it in one or two hits. The poor thing realized this about half way down the shower which is probably like 3 driving measurements(miles, kilometers, Draco will not deal with the differences.). If Draco tried to help it at all it would probably be crushed and Draco considered giving it a quick death instead of a long painful drowning but then the spider started climbing. Two steps at a time they climbed and while it seemed unlikely eventually they made it. The path seemed insurmountable but with persistence they surmounted! If you ever feel like you can’t do something think of this spider and do the something! You are much larger than a spider( Well unless you’re a Borrower but hey y’all have plenty of inspirational stories already. ( Actually this spider was way smaller than a Borrower so never mind.) ) and a stream of water from a shower probably wont kill you. You are amazing and you can definitely do it! Even if a stream of water does kill you somehow at least you tried!


So Draco and the Adoptables Trade


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So Draco started writing this post and then thought “how many posts begin with ‘So Draco’?” and that feels like an important topic. Draco scrolled through to December 31st of last year and there were surprisingly only two instances. There were posts where “So Draco” pops up but they tend not to actually begin the post. This one was just barely out of the running because of Labronbrium. It’s important to examine yourself and figure out which words you may be using too often. From there you can choose to reduce the number of instances or if you’re like Draco, increase them. So Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco.


This falls under parody whoever owns the rights to that’s SO raven.

Anyway, Draco’s been doing the whole drawing thing almost every night and when not drawing Draco looks for tips, tricks, and inspiration. On the hunt Draco came across something which in reality is pretty much benign but the presentation seemed a bit creepy. So there was this thing that seems to have started on presumably DeviantArt a few years ago called “adoptables”. So the idea is that people create characters, animals companions, alien species, yadda. Basically you buy the rights to the character which is sorta normal but this person had this sad cube of characters. Draco’s done essentially a mock-up of what it looked like with gold instead of money because money makes it creepier and it broke Draco’s heart a little bit…


None of these are actually for sale. This is an example! Jeez.

Ignoring the parts where Draco was witty, isn’t this creepy. Draco is being distracted by all the cute characters Draco made but still this doesn’t seem okay appearance wise. The rows are probably the cause. Individual ones didn’t bother Draco but this format does. It seems like people still create adoptables but all of the newer ones seem to have them as individuals like Draco suggests so maybe this was actually a controversy. Adoption agencies do charge some money for legal fees and such so it’s fine but it’s not like the adoption agencies make the children. Adoption is the attempt to give a child a loving home because they don’t have a viable one but these characters were made to be exchanged for currency. Draco is no lawyer but Draco is pretty certain selling babies you made would be illegal. This is obviously not illegal and the new owner may give the character a great life with many adventures. Ultimately this is a way for people who can’t create characters or just really like characters to obtain intellectual property but the cold efficiency and the big sold signs bothered Draco and  that sort of sullied the whole concept.

Cats in the Clouds and Rose Architecture


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Draco took the old camera out for a spin the other day and do you know what happened? Draco took some photos. All of you who said world peace are pretty dumb, sorry.


Fly away with meow.


Clouds. A truly worthy cause.

Draco spelled truly correctly on the first try for perhaps the first time.


Draco just like the brick. It’s like the worst castle ever.


It’s like a hallway but outside.


A rose by any exposure is just as sweet. Also if you intentionally overexpose it’s not bad so shush.


Still sweet.


Draco can’t think of any cat puns at the meowment.


Draco reviews RWBY and Nora!


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So Draco started and finished RWBY the other day.Technically it was a restart; Draco tried it and didn’t really want to watch it the first time. Another thing Draco did; Draco learned that Draco can include descriptions of things while reviewing them to pad word count.

The future-fantasy world of Remnant is filled with ravenous monsters, treacherous terrain, and more villains than you can shake a sniper-scythe at. Fortunately, Beacon Academy is training Huntsmen and Huntresses to battle the evils of the world, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are ready for their first day of class.

That’s handy. So basically “World has monsters, people have cool weapons and powers, and it all takes place in a school because anime.”. All pretty standard stuff for this type of thing.


One of the problems with RWBY is when the characters walk and sometimes when they handle objects. The budget was spent elsewhere and that’s fine but it just so happens that RWBY starts with this. In reality though it starts with the trailers which they don’t include in the Netflix version for some reason.  Also they put every episode into one mega episode so it can be off-putting with sheer time alone. That’s a problem with every show on Netflix by Rooster Teeth though so it’s fine sorta. Actually it’s not but you know. Once you get past all that you find a show that’s pretty swell. It’s a shame that Draco held off so long on watching it. Oh and another thing; the only villain who isn’t just “NYEHEHEHE I’m EVILLLL” is seemingly mute. It’s more about the heroes though so that really doesn’t matter probably. There are a few good puns, they make you care about even some of the side characters, there’s a dog, what more can you want?


Draco’s Mom drew this one. She gets all the credit.❤

Well you can want good main characters and the good news is they have that.


You have Ruby who is basically Nepgear from Hyperdimension Neptunia but not a boring pessimistic optimist with a sister who outshines her as a main character in a story centered around herself. They both have admirable idealism and combat competency but  Ruby actually realizes this and that makes her a worthy main.


Welp Draco feels bad now… Sorry.

Weiss is rich and has a stick lodged somewhere that is so unknowable that the best doctors in the land couldn’t remove it. Also Draco had to look up how to spell her name so Draco is pretty bitter. She ends up getting called an ice queen a lot even though she’s basically the mage character and she can shoot fire along with ice and probably electricity.You kinda start to like her as she starts show more dere and less tsun but maybe it’s actually just Stockholm Syndrome. What is impressive is that she is so ice queen-ie that one of the villains refers to her as such having never presumably met her. You don’t even notice till someone point it out too. She’s a pretty well-defined character if that’s the case.

Blake is basically the tail end of the plot for the first volume and saying what she’s about would basically spoil all that. She’s supposed to be the rogue but she’s more of a support.

Yang is Ruby’s sister who likes punching stuff and a good pun. Draco can appreciate that.Draco would say she’s the coolest cat but that isn’t entirely true.Cats don’t really punch so it wouldn’t work. Maybe a wombat. Wombats seem like they punch. She’s the tank of the party but also brings most of the dps.


Jaune is Nepgear if Nepgear’s pessimism and self defeatism were basically on the nose.


Pyrrha is a sweetheart. Clap clap clap. You’ll like her because everyone does.

Ren is a guy who was designed to be a minor character and the only reason he made the list was association. Technically a success.

… and then there is the best character. When Draco questioned “Is RWBY a ok show or a certified Draco approved show?” this character leapt up and said some stuff. Then they said some more stuff, followed by the word “Boop”, and finally said the most important thing of all. Actually no they said some other stuff after boop. After that part they definitely said the important thing. And it was said on that day:


Ya probably spoilers for Nora because she’s the best. Like if you actually plan on watching just finish this later.


If only this was a gif…

She’s like Thor because big ol’hammer/ being the god of thunder stuff  but Nora is more fun. Also she once took out 12 basically bears in her sleep.


Nora can fly with her grenade launching hammer.


Nora has ambition and a desire for desirable real estate.


Nora has the solution for basically every problem.


And most of all Nora drove Draco to do fanart which hardly ever happens.


Nora alone is a reason to watch the show honestly. Draco means a separate reason from “likable character”. For example…


Reasons to Watch RWBY:

Top notch fight scenes.

Imaginative world building.

Zwei is a cute puppy.


A Chibi spinoff.

Likable characters.



See. It happened.


Oh and thanks Monty Oum for the show! Rest in peace friend.

Time Travel Diversions and Top FWOOB of All Time


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Draco was doing what Draco does too much of aka watching the YouTubez. There’s that recommend section and it is 99% garbage.If Draco had time travel powers Draco would use them to unwatch whatever videos lead to the YouTube algorithm deciding these were recommended. So much worthless trite made by worthless trite >.<. Also other stuff would have to be done because time travel shouldn’t be wasted on frivolities like that. For example bringing drones to the 90s and screaming “HAHAHAHA! WE are the First Vanguard of the Future here to invade your primitive world!” and meeting that time traveler that Steins Gate was based on and saying hi. Those are worthwhile objectives.


Oh and another thing Draco would use time travel for is to stop Draco from talking about time travel because the past 30 minutes have been wasted reading about quantum tunneling. We still haven’t even actually gotten to the intended topic yet. So Draco was going through the recommends, carefully navigating the “angry mouth breathers who hate/fear women” and the “clickbaity all caps cult leaders who’ll probably all end up as congressmen once the money from complaining about each other runs dry” which eventually lead Draco to the video title “Top 10 unofficial Pokemon you’ve probably never heard of.” …


So Pokemon, sadly are not real. They exist about as much as Digimon did in their show which is sort of hilarious when you think about it. It’d be like Superman being real but instead of an alien he was created by the military, fought with a shield, loved America, and is technically owned by Disney even though that sounds questionably legal at best. To the point though, these featured in the video are not actual Pokemon. It’s of course ok if its popular fan created and/or axed draft Pokemon but these are one’s that you probably haven’t heard of.These are characters that are both not real enough to be part of a fictional animalia and are basically unheard of. You know what else you’ve never heard of that isn’t real? FWOOB!

What is FWOOB! you ask? Should you even care about FWOOB? Probably not! It was supposed to be nothing. Just an example of nonsense that could be pulled out of thin air and arbitrarily assigned a number.  apparently it’s a thing. Draco typed it into Google and it’s a thing. According to meaningfor.com

  • F letter form meaning in FWOOB. Its shape makes us think of an E that seems selfless but by the absence of its lower part something sexual forms. The top bar predominates to give priority to the head and higher awareness. The horizontal branches seem to be bent towards its vertical axis and result in a sensitive aspect of looking for harmony and balance.

  • W letter form meaning in FWOOB. These are two twin V! Its form captures doubling the energies of heaven(the mind) and propels them from heaven to the Earth and vice versa, without any rounding as to mark very sharp changes. It extends outwards to then bring everything back to him. The base indicates an intense life on the physical plane. It is a form that transmits changes to reach the satisfaction of the senses.

  • O letter form meaning in FWOOB. A simple circle that offers no opening, but that surrounds you and holds you to not go back. He knows how to turn things around. This beautiful roundness emits softness and harmony. Has no beginning and no end. This letter does not like square things, he loves curves, comfort and stability. One could compare it to a magnifying glass that would observe the stars and distant horizons.

  • B letter form meaning in FWOOB. The head seems rounded up just like the belly of an expectant mother and doubles this nice effect to settle on the ground. This brings out the suppleness consolidated by its bar fixed on the left axle. This bar seems subjected and weakened by the heaviness of the two big rounds which have only it for support.



Can you believe it’s a thing. It’s a thing! Back to the topic though, Draco gazed upon a list of also things(basically second cousins to FWOOB) that don’t exist that no one really talks about, knows about, or cared enough about to include in a list of just general unofficial Pokemon. Why? Why do people love lists so much? What is it about numbers that will make us swarm to the nearest list of unimportance? Sigh…

Birds of a Bridge Flock for Love and the Great Haruhi Anniversary Ressurection


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It’s the 7th days of the 7th month assuming future Draco actually posts this soon! Actually you may read this on a different day… Oh well, let’s just agree that the 7th day of the 7th month happened, alright? On this day the stars Altair and Vega who are in love are supposed to cross a magpie bridge and reunite.  It’s also basically the day that the story of Haruhi Suzumiya  was set to start. On top of that this is the 10th anniversary of Haruhi’s anime and Draco is pretty jazzed about it. They recently announced Blu-rays which Draco immediately bought. Enough discs and artcards to kill you if you ate them.


Please don’t eat any of this.

But specifically today Draco picked up 3 more volumes of their spinoff along with other stuff. Barnes and Noble is the best.


1, 2, and 8 to be even more specific. Oh and don’t eat these either, you weirdy.

… ya … You can see the problem driving Draco crazy. Don’t go thinking it’s a problem that can be fixed online. Well you could and it can but it’s more fun to find them in store. 1 and 2 were even in different spots because they couldn’t decide on whether to count the word “the”. Hopefully 3 and 7 will show up. If Haruhi is right and it takes 12 years for wishes to be answered well this may take a while…😦 . Oh well! The six Draco has are good enough for now. ^_^

Drawings and High Fashion


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Draco is having a fantastic time. They always say that thing about needing 1000 hours to be good at something and Draco is definitely interested in using Draco’s WACOM tablet for 1000 hours and beyond. The things that Draco can do on paper are starting to get easier while hands, feet, and hair remain difficult and stupid. Anyway here are some of the things Draco has worked on rather than sleeping. Now with watermarks because sadly that’s necessary.😦


This is Tim after work. Everyone assumes the drink is alcoholic but only Tim knows for sure.What we do know is that it’s purple and also that Tim doesn’t approve of speculation.


This is Jim. Jim was named by Draco’s mom❤ .Jim approves of the name Jim and also everything. Also Jim is a magical egg person.


This was done much earlier than the others and we can probably assume it would be defined as a war crime.Still kinda cute. Like you want to hug them but then you feel kinda slimey after.


Draco likes drawing witches. Deal with it.


Epaulettes are cool. If Draco had had to wear epaulettes to his graduation the other day it might have been more fun.

“Oh, she needs more boobs” – Draco’s Mom


An example of what happens when you start off by drawing pants. BRINGING DOWN THE THUNDER!


Paladin holding steadfast.

This wasn’t meant to be as Gundam-y as it is but oh well. Apparently Gundam has become ingrained in Draco’s mind or something.

It’s a shame that it gets difficult to see the shoulder writing at smaller sizes


Just doing some regular old housework.

“OH you drew me😀 !” *sees picture without screen glare* “OH GOD THAT”S NOT ME! SHE HAS A BLOODY KNIFE! THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!” – Draco’s mom

Some of all this is fan art-y but you know it’s all progress. Draco has plans! Step 1: More drawings. Steps 2- sideways 8 are more complicated but let’s worry about those later.