Knope Give Us Strength, Evil is Cute, and What Bug is That Robot?


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The voters just don’t appreciate Draco. You would think with free education, no crime, electric hover cars, marriage and equality for all, and a AAA economy while everyone else is in a recession would be enough to not get assassinated but no it’s not. Those damn liberal extremists decide to just shove death in Draco’s face. It isn’t very encouraging mind you. Dying politicians will not support your stupid political interest groups. Either way Democracy 3 is still a very fun bureaucracy simulator. You can even subtly turn a country into a police state but that tactic seems to not end well.

Update: retried the last turn and lasted probably around 11 more terms. Turns out there was this really horrible foreign policy thing that was used to solve a food crisis decades ago and getting rid of it sated everyone.

Look at this! Many cool pictures of video games Bosses and villains for you too look at. It’s some sort of fantastic exhibit to celebrate some of the best written or designed characters from all of videogamedom.The Kerrigan one is especially cute. It takes a talent to make the Zerg adorable and this artist clearly has it. There is also a cute reaper from Mass Effect. Life eradicating machines are also hard to make cute. Clap clap clap.

"Infest" by Rekka Bellum

“Infest” by Rekka Bellum

Look at the curious little bird.


"(Fear) The Reaper" by Jesse Riggle

“(Fear) The Reaper” by Jesse Riggle

Giant death roly poly! Actually it’s probably more of a beetle. Wasp maybe? It’s got a pointy tail thing but is it a coincidence or just body shape. Either way it has a laser and cool speeches.


Phoenix Breathe Right and Buyable Stuf


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For years Breathe Rights were a simple luxury. Draco liked a specific kind and it did seem to help.  Sadly that kind has been discontinued. Supplies run thin and during sickness times are tough.That’s when Draco realized the Too Awesome to Use trope was in effect. Breathe Rights are Phoenix Downs and no shop nearby sells them…

Rightstuf is wonderful. Not only did they ship Space Dandy before the actual release so Draco could rub it in everyone’s faces while watching all of season 1, they also sent a cool catalog with tons of very buyable stuf. Sure all those things were on their website but there really is something to paper. You can buy most anything online but a flesh and paper buyers guide is like a selection of their best items that they want you to see. It’s more personal and it feels fancy. It is of course none of those things but it feels that way… Anyway if you’ve never ordered from Rightstuf Draco highly recommends it.

Dandys of Future Space and Magic Chocolate


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Everything is just Dandy lately. The Season one box set of Space Dandy comes out Tuesday. You know who got it last Tuesday? Draco did.


Look upon the glory that is this box set and despair that you’ll never have it until Tuesday. Anyway that’s a week early. Thank you Rightstuf. Your generosity was probably unexpected but appreciated.

Draco’s local bookstore closed… It’s very sad but 25% off everything! Woo. That’s worth the memories. All the good times just surrounded by tomes and drinking hot cocoa. Draco bought many books but one should be noted and shown to you.

Magic book

It’s an actual tome. If Draco were to ever cosplay a wizard, this. This wonderful magic book thingy Wonderful. It’s to bad the cashier who is rude was there that day. She not only refused the store credit Draco had but also added $5 for no reason and refused to give a receipt. There are some positives to change. The chocolate covered coffee beans and people who could order books for Draco will be missed.

Tomato Falsehoods, Prowess(), and Wonderfully Yandere


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The tomato. No one agrees on how it is pronounced but everyone who knows anything agrees that it is a Fruit. How dare Fred Meyers list it as a vegetable. This crime must be made public knowledge for all to know publicly. Scream it from the rooftops. It may be a small issue but it shouldn’t be an issue at all so fix it world.

Draco continued playing transistor and realized something very important. Draco is very good at it. While patting himself on the back Draco realized an important lesson. Without watching people on YouTube play and make mistakes Draco would not be as good. This speaks for that old technique of watching people play sports to be better at sports. Apparently that works for anything. Do you want to make a sandwich? Go online and watch someone fail to make one. You’ll be much better for it.

By soleadodol


Sorry for the lack of posts. Draco has had much coding to do. Also a video reviewing all the Taylor Swift songs on YouTube. Red is awful to the 11th degree and Blank Space is wonderfully yandere. Actually many of her songs are yandere-ful. This is just the first one where she is open about it without retconning it with a dream sequence.

Sportsball and Sharks


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Sometimes life will hand us exactly what we need on a silver platter. Sometimes everything you wanted will be right there in front of you and you can easily reach it.

by nj

But sometimes we have all the miracles we need but due to our own inability or mistakes we mess up. That’s the best lesson to learn from this years Superbowl. The entire universe can line up perfectly for you to accomplish some task, however mundane or extraordinary, and you can still absolutely fail.

This is why you should strive for success even when things look easy. Never stop until you’ve actually succeeded. Also never give up when you aren’t succeeding because someone else can always fail. Anticipate and cherish their missteps.

Katy Perry sure was great, right? She really didn’t even have to sing. The giant tiger and sharks were enough. Giant tigers and sharks should be in every show. Especially adorable sharks and shiny metal giant tigers.

by that person in the corner

Devious Whisperers and Sweet Blue Songbirds


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Draco does not trust headphones. They’re great and all but there is always the thought “What if everyone can hear this?”… Draco doesn’t want people judging his taste in music or hearing anything that Hat Films says.  What would the children think? Actually wouldn’t it be better for children to hear that type of thing? They wouldn’t understand it anyway. Then again most adults would have a bit of trouble understand Hat Film’s rambling nonsense so that front is probably safe in all quarters. Is that something people say? Safe in all quarters? Is that a thing? It sounds like it is.

Today Draco tweeted Patrick Rothfuss and he responded. This made Draco very happy. He happens to be one of Draco’s favorite authors ya know. The best part, however was what happened after. He only said two words but that brought all his fans to Draco’s twitter and it exploded with favorites and retweets. Traffic even made its way to old Dracoblag. Twitter is fantastic and everything is circle perfect. Now have this great picture of Auri that Draco found. Have it all.

by arbetta

by arbetta

Time Traveling Twitter and Two Monitors


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Twitter is wonderful at times. It was especially wonderful last week with the Seahawks making that big comeback. There were people actually at the game tweeting so Draco found out about stuff maybe 5 or 6 seconds before anyone else. Draco’s dad would just run in and be all excited and Draco could just deadpan it and bring everyone down. If memory servers a crime show had something like that but it was the stock market instead of sports and they would take advantage of the window between price display and the actual change to make millions. Twitter’s still good though. It has a cute mascot and some people are nice. Maybe someday there’ll be a way to exploit it to get money but today just stick to what it’s intended for.

Dual monitors. The epitome of computer people monitoring aside from those really crazy surround sound monitor things which do not count. Draco has now forcibly joined your club by buying into it. Muhuhuhaha.  Anyway it feels like there is too much room most of the time but it is really helpful when it’s needed. It’s like a desk that’s really big; you just need to fill it with knick-knacks until it’s more comfy.

The First Week and Inconsequential Dragons


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This was Draco’s first week of classes and let Draco tell you that they seem to want to make this an everyday affair rather than the one or two really long day affairs that Draco signed up for. On a positive note Draco can now make “Hello World” pop up on the monitor. According to Tv that makes Draco a computer expert. If the world is ever attacked by robots helicopters will descend and ask Draco for advice on the situation.

It’s been over 150 hours since Draco started Dragon Age Inquisition and not a single post about it probably(Draco has the memory of a what are we talking about again?). Perhaps that is the reason. It’s similar to how you expect Dragons in Dragon age but can go days without one. Anyway that’s Draco’s game of the year. Well story wise it is.  Infamous Second Son was best gameplay-wise but this is about Dragon Age so ignore that. This Skyrim-esque Medieval France Simulator has a wonderful cast of Sera and Varric who are supported by some other pretty good characters, an innovative and inspired use of boxes as plot devices, and no instruction pamphlet inside the box. Do you remember the days when games would have actual instruction manuals that would even have little helpful tips like “make sure to stop the thief from murdering Merric on level 5 or you lose the best mage” or “be suspicious of spoiler”? Draco has missed those since they started replacing that with only health and safety warnings that tell you nothing(aside from health and safety warnings). It was appalling to find an empty box though; at least give the useless one… It’s a matter of principle. Draco sentences whoever made that choice to community service… as a table for orphans. That’s barely a spoiler, sorry.

Delay and Cry()


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Where do ideas go when they die?

It’s surprising but that little “oh Draco is sad about forgetting like 12 blog post ideas” thing reminded Draco of this really cute little picture book Draco got the other day. Yes it’s for children but the art was fantastic and it was inspirational so there is that. It’s called What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada, Mae Besom (Illustrator). Anyway Draco really should let the magical egg ideas grow wings even when they are awful and unfinished. Yay.

Well the good holidays like Draco’s Birthday and Christmas/Hanukkah are over and Draco is pretty sad about it.  Even worse is that the giant backlog of games Draco has taken a slice out of have almost exclusively had sad endings. Transistor hurt the worst as right before the ending the game crashed. If you know what Transistor is like then you would know that the game crashing almost feels like a valid ending. With all the computer stuff that actually seems like a great ending but it felt like a giant void of emptiness and despair at the time. Civilization thankfully ends with World Domination every time. Happiness is possible and all it requires is XCOM Squads.

Merry Festivus, It’s a Real Shayme, and Let’s Name Them Anything


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Draco hopes you’re having a great day on this holiday for the everywhateveryouare. Draco has many grievances to air but the worst of all is that most of the posts about Festivus Draco has seen are just people whining about not knowing what Festivus is. In a world where someone could just open a new tab and Google what Festivus is this annoys Draco greatly.

So Draco finished Assassin’s Creed Rouge and that means there aren’t really games for the PS3 that are still viable. Sure replaying games is a thing but it isn’t going to happen with all the cool new stuff and actual things to do. Either way Shay did a far better job then Arno of Assassin’s Creed Unity and really everything about Rouge was better. The connection with Arno at the end is wonderful and actually made Unity a bit more interesting though. That’s nice.

Reign Aston Disick is the name of a person. Now Draco does believe you can name a child whatever you as the parent want to but reign is a word rather than a name. Just picking a cool word as a name seems stupid. Vortex is a cool word but it shouldn’t be a name. Dragonfire, Laser, Orchard, Mechanical, LED, Blueray, Inkwell, Surgery, Oxidization, and Vault are all cool words but all terrible names. If you’re famous please name your child with a name. Thank you.


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