Life is Strange and So is Tumblr


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Life is Strange Episode 3 came out and there were ups and downs. It felt like it went by both slow and quick but that’s mostly because Draco didn’t want to miss any details and also constantly wants content so that isn’t really a fair assessment. Your spoilers have been warned, though there won’t be many.


They introduced a stealth mechanic which is significantly better than Assassin’s Creed Unity’s and much appreciated. They could have done a bit more with it but later maybe. They took advantage of the teleporting mechanic which was great and also served story purpose which was nice. A problem was they make you feel like you shouldn’t be using the main time travel mechanic. That makes sense story wise but time travel is the main draw of the game gameplay wise. That’s like playing Transistor or Dragon Age Origins and not using the tactical turn thingy or like playing Infamous without using your cool conduit powers.


They should have a soundtrack for sale because it’s good. Additionally the atmospheric noises that constantly make you think your about to get caught during the sneaking bits were spot on. Paranoia inducingly spot on.


The story disappointed in one aspect. Kate, also known as the best character and a precious angle did not get any screen time. They had the ridiculous and insane option to include her more but it’s understandable. It’s just a bit disappointing is all. Aside from that they hit what they need to, did a twist most people didn’t see coming, and actually managed to make a character seem drunk. Tv has been around for years and yet they still have trouble with that. Sure they did shoot themselves a bit in the foot because they showed the future and if you look at the future the surprise end twist of this episode will be undone but it can still be used for a while. Maybe in Episode 4 they’ll even retcon that future with an updated future. All Draco knows is that Episode 4 cannot come fast enough.

Verdict: This is the best review of a game Draco has written to date. 10/10 review.

There was an unfortunate casualty this episode. Lisa the Plant met her unfortunate maker and Draco seized the opportunity and made a memorial picture. Draco spent maybe 10 minutes on it and the moment Draco got home it was let loose on tumblr. Somehow this picture turned in more likes than literally every other bit of content on Dracoblag combined in less than 24 hours. That’s pretty insane ya know. Guess that just goes to show emotion is stronger than careful planning or spending hours writing and rewriting one post. It’s a lesson to be learned for sure. Now gaze respectfully on this memorial for Lisa the Plant.


Icky Pictures and We Apologize for You Being A Terrible Person, Let’s Move Past That Completely True Fact, Deal?



As a person with access to the internet anytime Draco has an illness Google can diagnose it. Now yes some people say it’s terrible and YOU dear reader should go to an actual doctor but Draco is a stubborn fool in some matters. Also Draco’s doctor does the exact same thing and we usually get the same diagnosis. So Draco thought about it and there is one thing that prevents Draco from doing it to it’s full potential. The pictures can often be absolutely repulsive. So Draco thought maybe there could be some sort of rule among medical website. All of the pictures could be set to hidden by default. That way you could go in and see what you need and if you want the pictures you could turn them on. Just saying ya know.

Recently Ubisoft made a video which some consider an apology for many flaws of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Like many statements it would seem people don’t understand it. Now Draco loves Ubisoft and they do a good job but the video they made wasn’t really an apology. What they really said is  “we worked hard on Unity, the complainers were mean, and even though our feelings were hurt we will continue to make games”. It’s a bit baffling that people would take that as any acknowledgment of the problems and it’s extremely baffling that Ubisoft would think this was a good video. It’s like that part in Portal 2 where GlaDOS says she isn’t going to hold a grudge for killing her and throwing her body parts one by one into a fire and then being forced to experience that over and over again. Either way Draco will still definitely buy their stuff.

Does This Ultron Have a Soul and All Meanings are Meaningful


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Draco watch this Age of Ultron and it was pretty darn good. It brought up AI and whether this unit has a soul which Draco loves and occasionally someone would say something funny. There was all that action stuff that people love and the occasional Agents of Shield tie in is always appreciated. Maybe some moments could have been done better and the guy across the aisle that fell asleep didn’t help but Ultron was great and really that’s all that mattered. It’s the age of Ultron and no one else’s.

Draco was reading about Kill la Kill and while most people thought there was a ton of symbolism the creator said there is none. This didn’t sit right with Draco and Utron helped Draco find the answer. Ultron is meant to do justice or whatever in the movie and instead decided to try and kill everyone(it’s easier to get peace via extinction than peace via peace talks). Well if Ultron can do whatever he wants cant a story? just because the creator says this will do this doesn’t mean any of that will actually happen. If you look at  Jurassic Park you’ll find they often do the opposite. GlaDOS, the Geth, every time they try and weaponize zombies, Mewtwo, Apes, they all decide they aren’t going to take the role they were given and take the role they want. Now if all that happens then why can’t a story be symbolic against it’s creator’s intention. If meaning can be established from something arbitrary than that thing is no longer arbitrary and nothing can ever change that. Kill la Kill may mean nothing but really cool explosions and fun to it’s creator but it can mean more to literally anyone else and there is nothing silly or weird about them finding it such.

Overly Competitive with Fictional Characters and Remembering Ribbons Almark


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So the other day while on steam Draco was looking at the new games that came out and noticed that progress towards some of the achievements had already been made. It said Draco was 12% towards being a genius and about 9% towards successfully flirting with the main character’s sister. Now yes there is a stigma with that sort of thing buuuuuut Draco totally is a genius and honestly unsuccessfully doing something that may be shameful is more shameful than successfully doing it (unless it’s a crime). Think of it like both have the intent but one means you are so bad at doing things that you failed. Basically not successfully completing the achievement would mean Draco was not as good as Jamie F****** Lannister. That can’t stand. So Draco got the lovely stat management game called Sunrider Academy(which is very fun you should probably buy it too) and got the achievement and Jamie Lannister can shut up. Also that’s not a spoiler that’s just common knowledge. Nothing in this paragraph was spoiler-y.

Even better, Draco discovered a new member of the Third Person Club. The distinguished group of characters(Some examples are the fantastic musician Malukah, George Costanza from Seinfeld, basically every Pokemon, and many many more) who speak in the third person now includes the lovely Chigara! Congratulations Chigara, we’re all very proud of you.Chigara 3rd person

Also this game is a spin-off a mech game which is free. That’s just great. Hey the ribbon up there reminds Draco… Anybody remember that Gundam character who was named Ribbons? How ridiculous was that name? That was a good Gundam series that was.

While() and Ease


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Draco was reading about Transistor again and after thinking about it and applying real world thing-ness Draco believes(this is a theory) there may be another ending which no one has found yet. To catch you up, Bastion, predecessor to Transistor, had an alternate ending and it seems everyone just assumed Transistor’s alternate ending would be unlocked in a similar manner. The problem is Transistor is computer-y and in recursion mode you actually go through a loop. While(Conditions are true){Normal Game} but when conditions are not true the secret ending is unlocked. Now to change magic unknown condition You have to call functions. Functions are nice little bundles of processes that likely change the condition when used in a certain order. When these functions are called correctly the value will be changed and the loop will be escapable. The problem is that there is well over 300 combinations. Unless you get the correct one you have to start all over again. The phrase that is used repeatedly in game “When Everything changes, nothing changes” is likely a hint implying that the combination is some hodgepodge of the first 2 or 4 functions.

The best part about Photoshop class is that it involves Photoshop. Other classes might be time consuming but Draco knows how to do Photoshop and enjoys it. This has lead to joy. Today someone asked how to make a new blank document. The entire lecture today was about selection. Ahahahahahaha. It’s wonderful.

A Mystery: The Case of Blogpost that Should Be In the Reader but Is Currently Not



Usually a post that is published goes to the reader. Not today apparently. Even Twitter got it but heaven forbid WordPress get it. Clearly there must have been a post-murder. Well not a post-murder because that sounds like in the past. Anyway if you can’t see that post or this post please go to the actual blog page so you can find out what you missed. Also if you have any information about the post-killer(not killer who kills after another killer or anything like that) will get you reward intent. What is reward intent you ask? It’s like a reward but in reality Draco isn’t actually going to give you anything. Basically it’s the thought that counts being the only thing countable.

Good Day.

Yuki-chan, Shelved, and a Never Ending Cycle of Pain


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-by zurczner

Thank the Barnes and Nobles for their gift cards and books for which can be bought. Draco bought a ton of The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan in preparation of the anime-ification. Draco isn’t normally into such oblique normal story lines and such but the sentiment from Haruhi and a love of Yuki-chan got Draco to devour it. There was a nice little bit where she was hit by a car and boom other persona comes out/ the magics back. The nods to events that happened in the main series that no longer happened was probably the best part.

Today while working on my shelves at the library a woman came up to thank me for doing them. She said the person who should have been there(Draco) should have been there (As Draco was) and it was nice that a good Samaritan such as Draco would do what the actual person was meant to do . This must be how baristas feel. Well probably not they go through a lot.

Why is it that whenever Draco coughs a lot Draco gets hiccups? It’s horrible because the hiccups make Draco cough more and the coughing makes Draco hiccup. It’s a never-ending cycle of pain.

Episodes, Decisions, Protect Kate Marsh, and The Chair Makes the Multi-Billionaire


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Draco has a love hate relationship with episodic games. They can be absolutely fantastic like Life Is Strange and make you feel emotions but then your done. It’s over. See you in two months. Now sure normal games finish and you have to wait a year or more but the word episodic makes it feel like a week at most should be the wait time. Real episodes of Game of Thrones come out once a week but the game has significantly more time to wait. It’s still fun though. It’s just that the emptiness one feels after a story/show/game/mathematical equation is multiplied 5 or 6 times. A never-ending rain of anchors pulls at Draco’s heart.

The especially nice part about Game of Thrones is that playing feels like having to talk to an authoritative figure. It can go really well and you might even like them as a person but once it’s over there is a sense of relief. The cameos are nice and the fact that it’s canon is cool but it feels like work.

With Tales From The Borderlands there is this air that everything will be perfectly fine and the writing is some of the absolute best. In any other episodic game you would try to talk down people threatening you and worry about outcomes but in TFTBL you do the cool thing instead and it just feels better. Taunt the guy or guys with the gun(s) all you want.  They break the usual formula that way and it feels refreshing. Also Fashionable socks. Actually fashionable everything. It looks great.

Life is Strange is the exact opposite. DONTNOD has managed to shake the telltale choices never matter feel and actually make even watering a plant feel meaningful. The Stanley Parable teaches us that there is no choice but at least Life is Strange has branches and different outcomes rather than a railroad.  They actually manage to build anticipation all the while working hard and putting their all into making quality work unlike some people who have decided they have an art style and left it at that. Also the character Kate Marsh is a precious angel and she must be protected from literally every other character because they’re all evil.

by Yahoberries

by Yahoberries

Upon further investigation every character involving Dayeanne Hutton is precious. Also she has a blog and one post had these napkins with love letters on them.  Just so you know this is the ghost of Draco typing this. Living Draco died of cuteness overload. If you have need of Living Draco he will respawn in about 3 minutes.

Upon the uponed thought Draco has realized those napkins remind Draco of Victoria Grayson’s Chair on revenge. If ever Draco is obscenely wealthy a chair like this will be one of the first purchases. The next will be an author to write tons of witty biting quips to defeat all the other rich people. Purchase three is some sort of investment because all that is probably expensive. You gotta spend money to make money to spend money.

Best Chair award 20forever.

Knope Give Us Strength, Evil is Cute, and What Bug is That Robot?


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The voters just don’t appreciate Draco. You would think with free education, no crime, electric hover cars, marriage and equality for all, and a AAA economy while everyone else is in a recession would be enough to not get assassinated but no it’s not. Those damn liberal extremists decide to just shove death in Draco’s face. It isn’t very encouraging mind you. Dying politicians will not support your stupid political interest groups. Either way Democracy 3 is still a very fun bureaucracy simulator. You can even subtly turn a country into a police state but that tactic seems to not end well.

Update: retried the last turn and lasted probably around 11 more terms. Turns out there was this really horrible foreign policy thing that was used to solve a food crisis decades ago and getting rid of it sated everyone.

Look at this! Many cool pictures of video games Bosses and villains for you too look at. It’s some sort of fantastic exhibit to celebrate some of the best written or designed characters from all of videogamedom.The Kerrigan one is especially cute. It takes a talent to make the Zerg adorable and this artist clearly has it. There is also a cute reaper from Mass Effect. Life eradicating machines are also hard to make cute. Clap clap clap.

"Infest" by Rekka Bellum

“Infest” by Rekka Bellum

Look at the curious little bird.


"(Fear) The Reaper" by Jesse Riggle

“(Fear) The Reaper” by Jesse Riggle

Giant death roly poly! Actually it’s probably more of a beetle. Wasp maybe? It’s got a pointy tail thing but is it a coincidence or just body shape. Either way it has a laser and cool speeches.


Phoenix Breathe Right and Buyable Stuf


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For years Breathe Rights were a simple luxury. Draco liked a specific kind and it did seem to help.  Sadly that kind has been discontinued. Supplies run thin and during sickness times are tough.That’s when Draco realized the Too Awesome to Use trope was in effect. Breathe Rights are Phoenix Downs and no shop nearby sells them…

Rightstuf is wonderful. Not only did they ship Space Dandy before the actual release so Draco could rub it in everyone’s faces while watching all of season 1, they also sent a cool catalog with tons of very buyable stuf. Sure all those things were on their website but there really is something to paper. You can buy most anything online but a flesh and paper buyers guide is like a selection of their best items that they want you to see. It’s more personal and it feels fancy. It is of course none of those things but it feels that way… Anyway if you’ve never ordered from Rightstuf Draco highly recommends it.


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