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One thing Draco didn’t mention in the first post was the reason for Blag instead of the more common blog. There is a very simple answer to this question though. According to the interwebs, a blag is like a blog, but involves bragging. Odds are this blog will contain much bragging and much complaining. Bragging will likely be atleast 40% of this blog. There will also likely be an oh this is cool, review of some thing, and maybe a cute picture component. Either way bragging is a majority stock holder.

On the sidetopic called Downton Abbey, Draco picked this theme for this blog because it reminded Draco of Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey is amazing and all blogs should aspire to be it even if that doesn’t make sense.

This is where we shall end post two. Some guy smokes alot and they smell awful. Draco might die from this.  *Placeholder for ending catchphrase*