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Once upon a time Draco started a twitter. This twitter was very good and led to meeting a handful of great people. One of these great people asked why Draco wasn’t tumbling. As Draco respect’s their opinions and questions Draco made a tumblr. What is tumblr you ask?  It is wordpress with a spelling mistake in the title. It might be ok if Draco can somehow combine the two make and duplicate posts*. If not it’ll be two blogs… Draco can barely handle this one(Draco has followers! 😀 How did that happen…).

On a good note, one of their default themes is clearly from the hit USA Network series Psych.  Draco can get into a site that steal from psych. Draco used to aspire to be like Shawn referencing 80’s movies. Being original is cooler though.

*Exactly 3 minutes later Draco learned how to connect these two blogs. Honestly though if Draco had investigated a little harder that would be one less blog post and then ya’ll would never get your money’s worth.