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As this Birthday of Draco’s draws to an end, 12 people have remembered. Draco is upset with the remaining every other persons. Not upset as in upset, but not ok with either. More like disappointed. There is more than 7 billion people on this planet; at least 100 people should remember Draco’s birthday!

Later that evening, Draco encountered a young women wearing a trenchcoat. While typing this Draco almost typed trenchgoat. Anyway, She looked sooo cool. Like spy cool level cool. Draco wanted to tell her how cool she looked but… Well what if she was an assassin… She could actually be a spy… Draco’d rather not die. Then someone randomly decided to sing happy birthday… You can’t approach a cool looking trenchcoat girl after someone sings you happy birthday… Wait was there a moral to this story? Honestly Draco forgot half way through.