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This week Draco has so much more todo. It’s an outline for a paper and press on Doctor Horrible, Infact. It’s going to probably go well. First though, Draco must finish every other class’s work. So Draco has a long drawn out schedule. Only one thing left for today. Of course Draco is blogging instead of working on it. Smart huh? And the worst part? the last thing for today is the test that Draco can take infinite times but it takes about an hour to do and Draco almost always gets 99%… Usually due to a typo… So that’s 7 hours down the future drain. Also the heat is on so that’s just adding to the stress fire.

Additionally Draco had a book signing yesterday. It’s part of an anthology and profits go to the book makers (It’s not a big thing.). When Draco was making his entry, Draco was reading Lucky Star by Kagami Yoshimizu. This inspired Draco to do a 4-panel strip (Draco has much better writings, but those aren’t going to some no profit local book.). It was pretty good too. So when Draco showed up to the launch event (15 minutes late of course) everyone rushed to get Draco’s signature. After signing many books Draco learned a valuable lesson. Draco needs pens that are more usable than cool looking. Pens should be functional, not fancy.