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It’s like Monday, right? No wait it is Tuesday… Well when one has all their classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tuesday is Monday. Aaaaand Monday was a holiday so it’s Tuesday for everyone. So inevitably someone will ask “How was your weekend?”. The answer for Draco is basically the same every week and that is not much. A lot of blogging and Tv. Like 10% going outside to go meet people and 5% buying stuff from store.  There are other things Draco could say but Then Draco’d have to explain so many things and that would be such a drag. #Shikamaru . After that, Draco is in the morning class. It’s early in the morning. How is Draco awake?* Studies suggest we don’t know. Draco’ll be sleepier in like a half hour.


*This was your chance, energy drink companies. You could have paid Draco to lie and say it was your energy drink and then you’d be advertised. You missed this opportunity.