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First, This post is taking way too long to write…

Second, Draco can’t remember why searching is in the title… The scrolling is from the wheelie thing on the mouse making Draco look stupid. So there was thus online syllabus and Draco needee info. Draco checked but didn’t see it. Turns out there was like 5 more pages… 

Additionally for that class, one student who shall henceforth be known as Re’llywaup, got to write on wordpress instead of doing some assignments. Draco would have loved that option. 

In better news, Draco played Pikmin 3 for about an hour last night. So far it’s very good. The time limit is annoying though. In starcraft ii Draco was the zerg player who would let the other player survive so that Draco could cover the map in creep. Draco doesn’t like time limits. and Pikmin’s doesn’t make sense. Two of the characters survived unscathed.