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Draco is smart, funny, dashingly handsome… but girls always like stupid and ugly guys? Like, his jaw is biting his forehead and you’re a model? You have bad taste… In the battle between the guy from the Goonies and Neal Caffery (The character, not the actor who plays him. For obvious disqualified reasons.), Sloth form the goonies wins…


Draco played Civ 5. Apparently it’s Sid Meier’s Civ 5. Who is Sid Meier? No clue. Is he relevant to the game? Not very likely, no. Other game makers don’t name their games after themselves. If EA had called Battlefield, EA’s Battlefield, no one would have bought battlefield. Like it was cute how Ubisoft snuck themselves into Assassin’s Creed by partnering with Abstergio Entertainment, but if they had called it “Ubisoft’s Creed for Assassins” it would have been so sad and pitiable.