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On this website there is a tag section and it tells you what your most popular tags are. They suggest using this info to your advantage. Well unless Draco was to lie and make a post about how the Akatsuki makes money on Mondays while drinking soda, Draco cannot use all of these tags again. Of course for this post Draco can because they are mentioned and relevant.


Bleach, by Tite Kubo, is pretty cool. It provided Draco with a surprisingly relevant quote. Draco’s Doctor Horrible Paper came out very well. For fans of Bleach, it was Aizen’s speech about trust and how all kings are made.


Draco is sleepy. This is Draco’s Monday. One of Draco’s fav classes is canceled today. Sadly another good class was not canceled so Draco had to wake up. This is sad. Why couldn’t they all be canceled… Draco wants to sleep and not go to the night class with the awful human being.