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Draco has added wordclouds! It would be cool if they were more than tag-wordclouds though… Still, wordclouds! Yippee! All the fools’ bloggin around without word clouds like what you thinking? If they aren’t free then someone should inform them that using white colored text to explain what things are and giving no warning of cost is deceptive. If they’re free which they should be then everyone should use them. They cool. On the topic of cool, wordpress can post to tumblr. That way Draco only has to do this once. Tumblr does not post to wordpress. That isn’t cool. Well maybe there is a way but it isn’t apparent like wordpress’s.

Draco had really good insurance. Suddenly Draco does not… Thanks alot congress. Stop voting on Draco lose insurance acts and start voting on important things. This costs Draco money that could have been used for cool stuff. Draco’s old insurance covered acupuncture… Ya. It was that good. Grrrrrr… Also it’s icey… Brrr…