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When Draco was reading the Hunger Games, Draco thought of one thing. Where are the other continents or countries? Draco’s dream for the ending was like the rebellion on the ropes but then Ireland or Australia show up and they’re all bad in a good way. Like they are countries made entirely of Samuel L. Jackson. Kind of like in StarCraft with the UED except there would be no Zerg to stop them.

The other night Draco was bored. Draco eventually ended up on the BBC. Doctor Who was on. Draco got into it. Draco probably won’t watch more of it but those episodes were all very good and the concept is pretty amazing. They’re one of the view shows that can run with the same main character for 50 years and have him look younger. They could continue this show for 1000 years even. Very nice plot point right there. Also Walder Frey and Filch guest starred. Yay.

Apparently Brian from Family Guy died… Family Guy is not Game of Thrones. They need a family to remain Family Guy. Brian and really all of the characters in the immediate family are important. The least important would be Chris, followed by Meg. Meg is more important than Chris because Meg is the Whipping-Boy. Though that future episode… Wasn’t Brian alive in that? Or was he… hmm… That’s annoying when a show does a future episode and doesn’t follow that.

The Horseman known as Death on Sleepy Hollow. he is cool. Like really cool. His horse is amazing and probably Bad Horse’s cousin. Or Shadowmere’s fraternal twin. But still the characters could easily not worry about the horseman. His head has been removed. You can’t destroy him but you can make him smaller. Cut off his arms and legs. They had him tied up so they could have. Earlier in the season the main character was bound to Death and if he had died so would Death supposedly. The problem with this is Death would not reap himself. Therefore the main character was immortal. He could have stopped the other three, non-death, killable horseman before unbonding himself. Also there was some evil sealing sign on the room they had him stored in (When they tied him up). Well they had his head. Write that on his head. Then he would be sealed.  Be creative, Tv show characters!