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First in real life a very talented conman helped the FBI solve crimes.

Next USA Network made a Tv Show called White Collar based on the above events.

Next CBS wanted some of that story so they made a similar story.

Now NBC is apparently doing it. NBC is very late and should, ya know… not. Bad NBC! Bad! Sit! Good NBC.

It’s Thanksgivukkah! Happy Thanks for all of you. That Parade is the only parade that isn’t sorta pointless. Good job Macy’s. If only the Turkey was less dry.

Draco keeps getting lots of views! Draco hasn’t blogged in a few days though. It’s like these people are anticipating it. Anticipating Draco. So Draco shall wait 7 weeks before actually posting this. Wait that Thanksgivukkah part would ruin that… Ok ya’ll can have it now.