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After looking at the internet, everything has Felicia Day in it. If you don’t know who she is well… ask Google… You are online you do not need Draco to go on some explanation. Anywho she is everywhere. Everywhere but here. Felicia Day has never once been mentioned in Dracoblag. Not once. This will continue too. For many years Dracoblag shall be hailed as the only thing that’s never mentioned Felicia Day even once.


Today is Small Business Saturday. Also known as the day they put the Black Friday stuff on double sale.  Draco got assorted Tv seasons for $10 and also Pacific Rim for cheap cheap cheap. Yay!


(To Felicia Day. If you happen to read this, be aware that this was Draco pretending not to recognize that this post is chock full of your name. If you want, Draco’ll type your name 40 times and maybe buy you a hat. Not an expensive hat though. Draco has all those mortgages to pay (To Mortgage company people. Draco does not have any mortgages to pay. Draco is using this as an excuse). Or maybe brunch. So ya, have a nice day.)