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Draco was typing up the last blog and wow, these titles seem so much more adorable now. Like seriously. Dracoblag seems really good. It’s kind of shocking. Like, what if this blog becomes better? Woah.

Programming is really ugly. Like really ugly. It looks awful. It doesn’t seem fun. The results are fun. The journey is awful. It’s like the line to an amusement park ride. The destination, not the journey, is generally the fun part. Those Programmers who deal with this awfulness are truly good people.

Today Draco saw a father and a son. The father had a beard. The son had Pokémon cards. Nice job parenting Bearded Sir. You have done a truly great service to your country. Draco remembers getting a Pidgeotto and it was depressingly OP. The same thing happened to Yu-Gi-Oh when Draco got Victory Dragon. Card games aren’t as fun after you get game winning cards. Though Draco doesn’t play card games and is handsome so really it isn’t that bad. Play card games as a child and play heart games as older person. That is how Draco does it. Now for a question for you all. Anyone who played Pokémon games remembers at one point meeting the rival without the rival yet having a name. They displayed ???. You’re then asked “What was their name?” and Draco would always answer “???”. That was their name. Draco wasn’t going to lie. Who else did this? It was you wasn’t it.