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According to Meyers Briggs test there are 16 personalities and they just keep repeating over and over again. Draco’s say it’s more like 25 but that isn’t the point. Draco has the same personality as Gandhi. That’s pretty cool. Draco must have said it 20 times in a presentation recently. While that wasn’t the point it did help when Draco forgot something and had trouble with the tiny notecards which were too big…

Draco registered for classes. Before registering completely there was a survey. It was pre-filled out… Apparently Draco is supposed to be a female bisexual. That’s what it auto filled. The other questions were blank but these two were filled in wrong… Probably to fill some sort of quota. Or maybe this was some sort of transdimensional wormhole and this was correct for there. Poor female bisexual Draco probably got pre-filled out as a straight male. Poor her. But seriously, don’t pre-fill out surveys. It’s not cool and kind of deceptive.