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A Link is not a comment. You can have a link in your comments, but linking to something from NOT THE COMMENTS SECTION BUT YOUR OWN DANG BLOG is not a comment. Draco is tempted to use a mix of uppercase numbers to make it appear as if Draco is cursing.–


That is an overreaction. Draco can see that now. But still. Draco was nice enough to provide people a link to an earlier blog in case they hadn’t read it or forgot about it. It was a link, not a comment. The word link is the name of the protagonist in Legend of Zelda. One of the games in that series is Four Swords. That’s where Link finds a magical sword that creates three other hims. Why Did Draco reference that specific Zelda? Draco doesn’t know but maybe if you find the Four Sword you can discuss it with the three other yous. Also have them follow, kk?


Draco could not whistle. Draco can whistle now. You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Well maybe not you, but Draco can. Draco doesn’t know you. You may be the most competent or the least for all Draco knows. You should try either way though. Everything was impossible until someone did it.


On a final note, Draco was doing the tags and put CloneClub without having any Orphan Black related words. Draco would like to say that Orphan Black is amazing. That tail part was gross though. Still bought it on DVD (Because while Blu-ray has more storage, it’s awful color-wise).