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Twitter asked Draco to take a survey. They were like “It’ll help your fellow tweeters” and Draco was like “Ya!”. So Draco took it. The first question was gender. They liked Draco’s answer and allowed Draco to proceed. They then asked age and also liked that. They then asked what Draco watched. After answering they flipped out, started all caps-ing, and told Draco Draco is a horrible person who can’t help with their survey. Meanies.

There is an old lady with a coat. She comes into the place Draco computers and sits around that area. There is that dividing wall that got Draco into that awkward situation with that friend’s friend’s sister. You remember that blogpost, right? No? Here it is. She(The old lady) has started hanging her coat on it. Draco looks over Draco’s shoulder to find a dark and shadowy figure peaking around the wall. It’s just the coat. It still scares Draco half to death repeatedly. This reminds Draco of Skyrim. In Skyrim, there are dungeons, ruins, and forts which are riddled with traps that Draco really doesn’t have to avoid but generally does because the trap going off noise also scares Draco half to death. But that isn’t how the two relate. In every dungeon, ruin, or fort there is one enemy more “Oh no it’s a thing! Kill! Kill! Kill!” than any other. The Bucket. Buckets (known as bowls in Dwemer Ruins) in Skyrim are everywhere and while they are harmless they look less harmless in the dark. This often leads to Draco charging up extremely strong attacks to kill the bucket.  One time Draco thought a bucket was a skeever(these scare Draco with their sneak attacks similar to wolves) and kept filling it with arrows. It looked like a magical blue porcupine rolling around that murky hallway. So this old lady’s coat is a bucket.