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Awesome comment made by Draco in response to this picture which was shared on Facebook by one of Draco’s more naive friends.


“Yes because if you are a person who is willing to mourn the passing of a complete stranger but aren’t aware of the passing of another human being who society placed high value on, you are a terrible person. No in reality the people who are wrong for this world are those who try and undermine the feelings of other people along with undermining the value of entertainment and for the most part happiness that movies can bring. People who entertain are important too. This is awful. It says “Hey, your feelings and this other human being don’t matter as much as this other person who I know about.” and it’s wrong. There are a million things the maker of the photo probably doesn’t know but that doesn’t make his emotions or existence any less important. This is bandwagon expletive.”

After writing this comment Draco found an almost duplicate comment (From an intelligent person. They do exist). Someone responded with this comment with something like “Read the thing. They said just mourning because he famous, dur” Well guess what Mr. Stupidresponder, they were mourning him because he died, and every life is precious FYI. As Draco writes this blog, the related content thing includes R.I.P Nelson Mandela but no R.I.P Paul Walker. That’s kind of sad. additionally I don’t think Nelson Mandela would say his life was more important than Paul’s. That isn’t something a good person says.

Pet Peeve: When People share something political, controversial, or offensive without actually understanding what they’re sharing.

So it’s finals week. All Draco’s classes are done though… Which means that Draco will likely have nothing to blog about… Draco likes the ellipses still… It’s one of Draco’s favorite pieces of punctuation…