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As Draco has less to do, it would seem time to finish Assassin’s Creed 4. Draco does love all that pirate-y goodness. In 3 Draco hated naval combat but in this one it’s actually good. The storms are annoying. They always happen when you go near a fort too… You can wait for days and go “Oh sunny weather. Perfect for fort attacking” then get within firing range and woah a tsunami starts up. It’s cute though how you can go near a civilian ship and hide behind it to make other’s stop attacking you.

Draco continues to play Sid Meier’s Civ 5. Draco got both dlc expansions on steam for half off. 😀 . Though the next day they were 75% off… Anywho they added ships which can take control of other ships. This is cool and amazing. Draco just wishes that you could take embarked units. Most games Draco quickly takes all the coastal cities so there aren’t many ships out aside from barbarian ones. For no apparent reason Draco continues to play even after winning multiple games. This doesn’t usually happen for Draco. Most games happen the same way too. Draco tries to be friends with the civs, it’s ok for a while, and then some jerk shows up and ruins it all. This leads to Draco crushing everything. Still depressing is that Draco generally gets nukes one turn away from victory. Anywho Draco generally has the Rains of Castamere on during civ 5.

Pogo Whisk is a new product that Draco saw the commercial for while typing this. It’s a whisk with a pogo feature. Isn’t the whisking part the fun part?