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Everyone in early Gundam had Afro as their hairstyle. Draco phrases it like that because Draco is unsure how to make afro plural. Is afros a word? Keroro makes the Afros ok but before Keroro it bothered Draco. But Afro Sargent is Afro!

He had no leads, no suspects to speak of, no evidence at all, and not even a crime to solve. He really didn’t even have shoes anymore. How can one be a good gumshoe without shoes? “What is with this city?” he asks the lonely blue sky. “People die every week on Tv; can’t you just give me some petty robbery?”

Draco’s idea for a story about a detective in a relatively crime free city. It’s documented here as Draco’s idea. Steal it and Draco will sue your ascot.

Draco’s knee hurts for absolutely no reason. It gets progressively worse each day. Also Draco enjoys Skyrim. Ya… Why does everyone hate the guards? The guards are so moe.