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Draco wrote two blogs on two topics out of anger yesterday because a delusional hippie was harassing Draco on Facebook. Draco should never write in anger, lest Draco become George R. R. Martin. Though being a famous author really doesn’t seem like a bad thing…

Angry Birds, while unrelated to anything happening lately, was cute while it lasted. They should try something better than a racing game though…

Angry Joe reviews games. Once again only mentioning him because angry. Though he really doesn’t seem angry. Like ya he might get a little worked up at times but he seems like a genuinely nice guy. At times it seems like he’ll get angry but then he just smiles and laughs about something.

The second actual topic. Shipping. Specifically when it ships. You would think express shipping would be faster… While buying things Draco was going to go for express but it would actually arrive a week later than default shipping… Two dollars more for a week late? Wow people who offered that shipping. Wow. You have been publicly anonymous shamed.