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Remember that blogpost where Draco never mentioned Felicia Day? Well After Googleing Dracoblag to see how it stacks up in results they provided the homepage but in the under-text had text from that not about Felicia Day blog. It made it seem like Dracoblag was dedicated to not talking about Felicia Day. If Felicia saw this she’d think Draco hates her instead of just happening to never ever mention her even one time. This is bad. Draco can’t stand to burn anymore random bridges unless it seems fun at the time. Curse you random web spiders!

Once upon a time Draco was going to enter a photo contest. Draco spent so much time making stuff the deadline passed.  Since Facebook steals the pics you post for advertising it shall go here and she shall be linked to it. Meaning Draco’ll get 1 view. This officially makes this a famous blog. No that was stupid. That wasn’t even good sarcasm. Bad Draco. *slaps* . Anywho…



Draco is amazing at photographer-ing. Also she gave Draco good photos to work with. Thank you unnamed person who did give Draco permission to use her photos (so layoff random person who is concerned and wants to accuse Draco of stuff. You can go back to your cave, rude guy).