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Some people were offended by that Duck Dynasty guy preferring lady-parts to butts. Well prepare to be offended again because you, you are pretty stupid. Not for thinking what he said is bad but for expecting anything less. Did you really think a very old rednecked duck hunter would not say something offensive at some point. From basically every sitcom that has ever been, old people are offensive and everyone loves it. Considering how prevalent the idea and stereotypes are you should have known. Shame on you. Shame.

Also what ever happened to free speech. You can say whatever you want. A&E is sorta being unconstitutional. They are also being silly considering that show is the only reason anyone watched A&E. Storage Wars is ok if there is nothing on but it isn’t really fantastic. The Russell Hantz Show was epic though. Anywho, A&E is breaking the law of the land and the law of tv networks need ratings.

Apparently saying things that may be controversial gets you views on WordPress. Well guess what? You look like you gained five pounds. Unless you’re one of Draco’s follower people. If you follow then wow you are looking fantastic. But you, not follower, are looking a bit pudgy. Now few this, slightly heavier people.

We have 200 million followers! Ya! Congrats Draco. Wait you think this is a lie? hmm… Well let’s check that follower counter widget. Oh wait again it’s not here. Because what new blog wants everyone to know they only have say 1 follower( Dracoblag has 21)? It seems stupid that this widget is active by default, right? This we can agree on. But ya, congrats on the 200 million Draco. Oh Thank you Draco.