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This post had Draco so excited. It had so many good topics. Draco eventually realized this was THE post. the post that was foretold in the Elder Scrolls. This was the post of destiny. All things would be different after it was written down. Of course Draco put off writing it till mourning and can’t remember it… Ya. This is sorta sad. Ya…

Visitors. They are coming. They stay for hours. Gah. Yesterday some had the audacity* to not only fail to call ahead but also come while Draco slumbered. Draco really doesn’t like it when people come over. People are ok. Just not when they come to Draco’s house after a year to talk about what happened while they weren’t here

Another thing about this post. It’s actually pretty short like all the posts on this blog. For some reason though every so called good blog seems longer. You know what they do?

They do a new paragraph for every sentence.

Every one.

It’s sometimes hidden by long sentences designed specifically to fill up the length and entirety of all things computer screen, monitor, or what have you related and make you think that they are paragraphs.

Doesn’t that seem deceptive?

Or annoying?

Like who does that really?

Speaking of that, will Draco get like an award for this comment on blog culture?

They do for their sentencegraphs. 

*: Draco may or may not know what audacity means. Like Draco has the idea but couldn’t really define it well if asked. It’s just, you know in your heart if someone is being audacious.