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So Yesterday Draco had to explain Dracoblag to family peoples. It went sub-par. They didn’t really listen to the actual description but either way it was sad.

Today someone said “Everyone needs to stop with the Christmas spam” and this someone should learn what spam is. Spam for one thing, is pointless. It also has to be something unuseful and unasked for. When you become friends, follow, or whatever you are asking to read all their annoying ramblings. Plus you could join in and be Merry. Even if you’re about Hanukkah you could still have fun. Don’t fill Draco’s monitor with Grinch-spam kk?

Either way, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy the other Holidays except Kwanzaa as it is too race driven but hey if you’re into that ok have fun. Though they use Joyous which is cool. also Happy Christmas. Some people don’t like Merry. Like can you do Merry Hanukkah? Is that a thing? Why does the tag thing want Draco to tag this with the Felicia Day tag? Draco’s never even mentioned her once in all of Dracoblag!  What does this have to do with the encroaching holiday?! Find out next time!