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So Draco talked about this being a bad month for views and getting likes from the blind faith of very loyal people. Immediately after that the views skyrocketed. Clearly Draco has some sort of mind control ability. Draco just needs to tap into this power and then become a politician.


Draco bought all the Assassin’s Creed games prior to 3 today. They were one of those fancy non-disk downloads. They will be installed in like two days… Draco wanted to finish 4 but nope. Also Mass Effect needs finishing plus like four games from the download store thingy. So behind…


Draco got full Minecraft. Eating is annoying and the monsters are also annoying. Also finding Draco’s way is annoying. But Draco’s avatar is super cute so Draco continues. Plus Draco wants to dominate the landscape and steal its spirit so Mining must continue. One cool moment was Draco’s first Enderman sighting. Draco was utterly horrified and tunneled through the walls instead of walking past it.


So Joan Rivers didn’t like that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t like her show and said she needs to grow up supposedly. While Joan is great her jokes on Fashion Police are really just her criticizing people for little to no reason. Plus it’s a show about fashion and she is just attacking their intelligence or their personal lives. The other hosts are funny but they talk about fashion sometimes while Joan feels forced and over-scripted. It honestly makes Draco feel bad for her when she says these things. So to sum that up, Jennifer is right, they’re horrible for no reason and probably make some people feel bad and Joan is wrong. Joan should probably grow up?  It’s true that her mean can be funny and sometimes people do need to be mean but that has nothing to do with maturity.  Thinking people shouldn’t be mean doesn’t make you immature; it means you are at-least a slightly good person. Being mean is ok Draco guesses and so is being nice. What isn’t ok is assuming that anyone who doesn’t want to be mean is naive and a common staple for many supervillians. They taunt the hero for having faith in humanity and then they ultimately lose.