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Draco saw Despicable Me Two. It was adorable and such but at one seen there was a minion, on a pole, dancing. Those little hidden things are adorable but what if you have a kid and the pick that up and are like “Oh that is how you dance” and then they do that on the monkey bars. Seems counter-productive to any parent trying to raise a child not to be a stripper. Also what’s with all the overly fat people. Not that there is anything wrong with fat people (Well there are health problems) but must they be so round that they can’t fit through doors and make boing boing sounds after somehow squeezing through said door. Seems slightly insensitive. Still a fantastically adorable movie. Minions were beyond fantastic and the little girls were slightly almost ok.

So Draco is Watching Haruhi Suzumiya. That ending theme though. Like those all seem like moves a human being could do but… Hoooooooooooow.  Draco kinda sorta wants to learn it. Draco just really relates to Haruhi. Real life is quite boring and Draco is more talented then all the cogs that surround Draco. Draco is more quiet and refined though. Oh God Draco used the word refined to describe Dracoself… That means Draco is Excalibur…

So around 12 yesterday Draco purchased digital copies of All the Assassin’s Creed’s before 3. They finished installing like 20 minutes ago. Ya that’s quite a bit of really really a lot of loading bar grammar smoothie words included this sentence bad just rambling make it stop please madness right there that is.