So Draco made drafts and with this new wordpress update of awfulness from a few weeks ago Draco forgets about drafts. So in one Draft Draco talked about just starting Minecraft. In a later blog Draco continued off what had already been written without realizing that was a half-finished draft. So that’s embarrassing and stupid and and. Draco’ll finish it someday but today is the day to not do that. Ya.

So Draco started Oblivion a little while ago. In Oblivion there are generic stats like strength, agility, intelligence. Skyrim does better. Anywho, After the first day Draco’s highest stat was personality. So hopefully all the enemies will be “Alright, you’re a cool guy, Draco, we will attack ourselves so you can finish us off and level up. Oh and these Oblivion Gate thingies; ya we’ll close those for you. It was a stupid plan anyway. If we actually did manage to do anything with this invasion the giant magic dragon god would show up and make this no longer exist like he did to that giant robot in the second game. Don’t want that.” . Ironically though, character customization was far better than Skyrim’s and this time Draco actually looks like Draco. Though Draco’s clothing is currently ugly in game. It’s slightly better now that the dead imperial soldier gave Draco his armor.