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So Assassin’s Creed 4 continues being fantastic. One flaw though. So in the story you have to capture a Man o’ War(Really big ship) and while it can go fantastically game wise, story wise they claim you have to escape. That’s fine but they pretty much set Draco’s ship at 0 health. Draco’s ship was undamaged at the start, took no damage, then was almost dead. The Man o’ War which was on the brink had full strength and 4 more appeared. This seems rather unfair. Of course Draco still took out all 5 ships without dying but it’s still cheap. If you are decimating everything the story should change accordingly. Maybe they could have had 5 Mon o’ Wars per health bar. That would have been more than 20. That’s something you run away from. Traditionally these ships had 74 canons. That’s 1480 canons total.

This year, 2014, is more recent than the previous year. All this thinking about years gave Draco an idea. What if the solar system is actually some sort of alien horse racing-esque thing. Ya. The planets are the horses. Over-explanation is necessary because some people don’t like thinking.

Draco is going to see the 2nd Hobbit movie tomorrow hopefully. Draco will probably review it maybe. Now you’re wondering how does this relate to coughing. Well what is the name of the dragon? Ya. You get it now. Ya… You don’t get it do you… Um… Google it.