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So today for some blogging thingy you’re supposed to make a who are you post. Of course Draco already did that so we won’t do that. Instead we will talk about how we won’t talk about that. Actually we already did that. So that is that within its self. This sentence refers to itself within itself. Pretty cool huh. We’re breaking all the rules there. Even the one about running with scissors. Ok enough nonsense. Time for Hobbit related nonsense.

“I used to be a dwarf attempting to liberate a mountain nation like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.” Ya that happened. Now This really doesn’t need a spoiler tag as the book is 77 years old, a sequel to a series which clearly states how it ends and honestly this is a spoiler warning sorta so if you care just shut your eyes or something ya ninny. So according to Draco’s bad memory, Bilbo gets in the mountain, he has the ring and the dragon hunts him. He stabs him in that little armor chink (It means a crack or hole in armor. Anyone who dares call this racist should get an education because you are uneducated foolhardy scum). The dragon pretty much dies after that. They knew his weak spot and just wreck him with that bow thingy. Then there is almost a war but they all decide to kill the evil stuff instead. Though in the fellowship they seem to have forgotten this and no longer care? Anyway everyone had cool armor. They really extended this movie. Like a lot. It’s probably for the best though. The first was good and so is this one. The little dwarf, elf romance was adorable. They’ll likely play the Romeo Juliet card in the third movie. Smaug was one of the most impressive movie dragons Draco has ever seen. Legolas is always welcome but he was pretty much just added to be cool. Any complaints about Legolas are explained by his Dad. The blame is clearly his. Anywho… Fantastic job there on that movie thing. Draco enjoyed it and really that’s all that matters.

On a side note, as Draco was leaving a random young woman got all up in Draco’s business Draco now knows what it is like on a subway.  Like no touchy. Keep your hands away from places yo. Not ok. 😮