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Not having to write some awful post every day is a relief. Apparently you can just do the activity and not just write about it. The problem now is to find some different media thing.


This is a photo Draco made one time to show someone that Photoshop was cool (Adobe betrayed Draco…). How they got that shirt on, Draco does not know. So Leslie da Tory is now happy.

So Today this random walmart girl was actually interested in all the useless crap Draco said so Draco could hear Dracoself talk. She was pretty flirty but then after a while she said she was married and had a kid. Maybe Draco read the signals wrong but there is no way she could think all that babble was funny. Well that’s a let down. Thanks Shooting Star Draco randomly saw but didn’t mention in a blog yet but will eventually don’t worry you loyal reader who is interested you run on sentence powers go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!