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King claims the word Saga. Draco should have seen it coming Draco was annoyed with tacking the word saga on all of their products but apparently they were using the age-old technique of saying things repeatedly until they are true. It’s really stupid for a company that just retextures games to try and claim a word that’s been around since before their company’s founder’s parents were born.

Poor little Troy left Community in one of it’s best episodes to date. Fantastic episode, he’ll be back though. Why he thought to leave and go out on his own, no one will ever know. It’s fine to do your own thing but it’s best to keep the bread already being buttered. Also King of the Nerds started back up and they got rid of the cute girl first… She was really Luna Lovegood like as one contestant described. Luna deserves a spin-off just sayin. Also the purple team should have gone with “The Pur-Pals” as a team name. Best name for a purple team ever.

Draco has used the word and in over 40 blog post titles. It’s part of the Dracoblag brand. Therefore we officially declare ownership of the word “and”. If you use the word and Dracoblag shall sue your faces. This is not at all a way to once again poke at King for being ridiculous. We will totally sue you. It’s all super legal according to Lawyer like people who breathe air. Additionally we’ve use the word King four times. We also claim the word King. While we are at it we’d like to claim the words/phrases/letters “false”, “legal”, “you can’t do that”, “a”, “e”, “i”, “m”, “o” ,”t” and “u”. Also Draco bought a bell. So we need the word “bell”. It’s important to the Dracoblag brand.