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So Draco read the freshly pressed thingy and read about a person responding a person who said some racist things in their head and then on interweb. Now that is cool that you stick up for a person but then when you commit the same crime it becomes uncool. After doing a quick read through of the original racist post, Draco noticed that no where did it say the racist blogpost’s author was in any way well off. So by saying that this author is privileged just because they are white, you are doing the same thing as the author thinking the African-American woman was out to get her/scary. If you’re going to complain about a person don’t just do the same thing as them. Really we are all a little bit racist but if you plan on blogging about it try not to let it out in that blogpost. Anything Draco got, Draco got from being better in ability, not how much sun Draco’s ancestor’s got.

Draco was listening today. Over the air waves some high school idiots were talking about this business they got involved in. Draco was interested because most of Draco’s graduating class had the ability of a rock at their age. After hearing the details Draco realized it was clearly a pyramid scheme. It’s not even hidden well. it seemed like they might have realized it too almost and were trying to figure out how to not be on the bottom. So if someone asks you for $500 so you can sell this sub-par energy drink called verve, do not do that.

According to Draco’s public speaking class, Draco did ok doing an accent. Draco wasn’t doing an accent though. Draco wishes Draco could do accents. What accent did Draco do? When did Draco do it? So many questions…

Another class is lead by a overly paranoid, slightly hypocritical, kinda unfair instructor. He assumes everyone is on Facebook when that clearly isn’t true and he is able to see our monitors. Then he breaks the actual college rules and brings his soft drinks right next to all the expensive computer equipment. Also he punishes multiple classes for a handful of people as to not embarrass them… Ridiculous.

Back to that first post. There was that type of you are only responsible for your own feelings and no one else expletive. It’s a prevalent and honestly expletive expletive idea. So if a person harasses you for hours it is your fault you feel sad. Emotional anguish, ya that is on you bub. While these people think their “you are responsible for your own feelings” is nice, it’s the equivalent to saying a woman wearing a short skirt is asking to be assaulted. It’s ridiculously wrong. Except you know, emotionally. Other people can affect your feelings just as others can affect your safety. Other people have an affect and just because someone is complaining doesn’t mean you have to be an expletive. Words hurt and it’s not your fault for listening.