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The Elder Scrolls Online added Imperials. This is fantastic. The Imperials are 100% the best race in all of Tamriel. The people trying to steal your money by making a race a pay for thing clearly see this. No one is going to pay to be a Redguard or an Orc. Also Draco is just kidding. Remember how the last post was about racism? Now everyone is going to be like “Oh look Draco is racist now” but then you find out it’s imaginary racism. Take that people who go in assuming things. Also Imperials are the best for specializing in everything. Maybe you want to be a spell, archer, swordsman, assassin. All the other races are specialized so it makes that more difficult. Plus Imperials can calm anyone down and they get magic extra money. What isn’t to like?

People keep being mean to Piers Morgan on Twitter. Sad. He seems like a nice guy and this new lady is just overdramtizing to sell books which is not nice. One should side with the seemingly nice over the seemingly selfish.

Draco had a third thing. It was really good. There was like a GLaDOS joke or something. Something with computers. Draco forgot it completely. Oh well. There is no need to cry over every mistake. You just keep trying till you remember what your portal pun was going to be.