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Spaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeship! That just spoiled one of the best parts in the entire movie. Ya you thought you could read a sentence and not run into spoiler. You were wrong. Great movie. Go see it. If you looked at the sky you would see 5 shiny celestial objects. The only way they could have made it better is if they made it an HBO 10 hour series in stead and then had a season 2.

The main character Emmet was just likable. The whole thing was likable. Classic space guy though. All he wanted to do was build a spaceship. It was just a happy moment when he finally got to build one. Also they made Batman seem uncool which is pretty big.  Everyone is always like if you can be Batman be Batman but in this situation just don’t be Batman. Also there were Terminators. Imagine Terminator as a theme. That just seriously.

Ya that whale. Not even going to say it yet. maybe later. Just needed an And. To hyped up on Lego to write about this. Sorry Whale but you are too awful to include in this.