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Today started like most days. It continued being like most days throughout the day. The chaos ensued when Draco came on to WordPress today to find everything discussing non-white super heroes. Over 25 of them… From a blog that Draco did not follow. You can be as inspirational as you want or you can post as much as you want but please for the love of your higher deity of choice at least have more than one topic. Sure diversity in the comic industry is nice to talk about but how about being diverse in your posts or not posting the same exact words 25 times? That, that might ya know, not be uninteresting spam. If you have many interesting things to say go ahead but if you have one thing say it once please. Twice at the most.

Linux sounded like line dancing. That was a pun in the title you see. Draco had to use Linux for the first time today. No matter it’s not yet apparent flaws it is still 1000 times better than DOS which is dead and has been dead for 14 years Draco isn’t sure what line dancing looks like though. It might not be in style anymore.

The dreaded whale. We are totally going to talk about it this time. Draco did not decide to make not talking about it a running gag or any–

*The door is kicked inward as unknown forces invade*

Wait what!?

“You are going to pay for avoiding this topic again Draco!” said mysterious intruder #1.

But if you guys hadn’t smashed in here Draco’d have talked about it…



“Oh… Run away team!”

*The mysterious group exits*

Sorry people, Draco must fix the door which is totally broke and this isn’t made up at all.