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So recently Draco has read three posts on race. Out of these three posts condemning racism how many do you think had hidden extremely racist undertones? None? No of course not. Two out of three. Only one post which was good enough to be featured on the wordpress featured thing lacked hidden racist undertones.

Here is the link to that one if you’re interested.


It’s really cute and lacks the usual hypocritical racist garbage of other posts on race. It also brings thought and established patterns of behavior into the mix. Really cool yo.

Today Draco was thinking and Draco thought up an idea. What if there were a government funded Dating website. Not only would it be used to find love for the lonely but it would also be good for census purposes and if the results were manipulated to stimulate the housing industry. “All the true loves are in Arkansas we must move there now!”. We shall call it O-bamarmony .com.

Today in that one class we were discussing how they class should be arranged. A circle versus lines versus triangles versus etc. Anyway Draco said we should all get our own unique arrangement and got asked if Draco was a feminist. Then after that someone said Draco just wanted everyone to do more work by constantly rearranging the chairs. Now the answer children, is both. You see true feminism is about equality. Draco likes equality. Draco does not like the bad feminist idiots who try to say women are better and put on women only productions of classic plays or exclude males in other ways. Remember when only men could be in theater? No. Because that was before you were born. It ended before you were born. Even back then they realized excluding things like theater to one gender was incredibly stupid and sexist. How is doing the same thing with a different group progressive? But cool feminists are cool. If you think you are better because you were born a certain way though you are an idiot. Ok? there are some people who may be better but it isn’t because of that. Also Draco wanted to have everyone move the chairs alot. It is fun. It is good exercise. It is more fair to everyone. Draco is using choppy sentences for a reason.