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So Draco is pretty smart. Draco knows things and usually gets good grades in class. One bad grade doesn’t really hurt. A few gets annoying. If they are fair marks off that is fine. When they are blatantly wrong that is where the line is drawn. If you say Draco has low word counts and Draco was above the word count you need to be called on it. If you think something wasn’t included and there is a labeled paragraph solely about that subject you are getting called on it. Sure the teachers are nice but Draco will get the grade Draco earned and that is that. So in case you haven’t guessed yet Draco had to have some convos about grades Today. Also if you hadn’t guessed that you need to practice guessing because you are bad at it. Draco still loves you though.

XCOM is the only non-school thing that Draco has time for and it’s almost over.Also Sectopods (The giant death robot of awful) keep cheating. For those that do not know there is this cool upgrade you can get that lets anyone standing next to say a wall or anything that fully covers them become invisible. While invisible things like Sectopods cannot see you. Now the other day Draco stumbled upon one while still invisible. Sadly Draco had none of Draco’s other troops with Draco because this was the invisible awesome person squad leader who took a side route to save civilians while the others shot at tiny aliens.Now as long as Draco didn’t move they could not shoot. If Draco did move then the Sectopods magic swivel gun would fire an infinite number of times till it hit and killed everything. So Draco stayed still.The Sectopod somehow knew and decided to fire his mega death laser to vaporize the entire wall… That isn’t fair… Late game cheating is what these aliens must be about. Luckily Draco is amazing and everyone live but that is still totally cheating. Can’t wait to be done but then what? What will Draco do? Finish a feast for crows? That is even more horrifying then 20 Sectopods in fake life. In real life 20 Sectopods is much worse. Anyway Draco will miss XCOM. It was the Sims but with guns.