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Not only is that Trending Facebook feature stolen from Twitter it is also not very good. On Twitter the trending is current… You can basically use Twitter as a new source. Facebook has topics from years ago. Seeing Dr. Horrible 2 trending was super exciting. Draco remembered the Whedons saying they had the songs and the plot and they just had to wait for people to get together and have time. Draco checks out the topic and finds that same info from so long ago. It’ll happen eventually but that was already out there. Not news. Then they went on about how Barbie Model lady said she wanted to basically become a plant and use photosynthesis instead of food. Today it was trending. Did she accomplish this? No. Still hopes. Stop bringing up topics from years ago and pretending like it is current. Also stop taunting Draco with the possibility of eating sunshine. It probably tastes really good and Draco’d like to sample it.

Sidenote: Anyone liking this Lincoln guy? He seems like he’ll be a shoe in for US President. Way better than Buchanan

Cuusoo is supposedly this Lego suggestion thing that can bring anything you ever wanted a Lego of to life provided enough people supported it. Draco thought this was pretty cool for a while. Sadly though they turn down almost everything that gets enough support and bans anything involving new parts or long-term ideas. So basically the entire point. You can only use parts which already exist. So if you don’t get it passed you can buy the parts online easily and if you do you’ll pay some marked up price. Then they’ll only take ideas which they approve of on some long council of cuckoo cuusoo. So even if you had a million supporters and the best idea ever you might not get in if this group doesn’t think it was good. Basically you are playing the Lego lottery. If Lego was already thinking of it and you suggest it they’ll be like ya let’s do that. If not your out of luck. If you dream it nothing. If they dreamed it and then you dreamed it it might happen.