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Wow the Oscars. All those Movies… Just Wow. Draco hardly saw any of them. But the movie montages! They were so dramatic and cool. Sure one friend pointed out the hero one lacked heroines but they were still cool to watch. Better than the actual movies in some cases. They should just do a few hours of those and send everyone a list. Save everyone time ya know?

Draco was thinking about childrens and such the other day. If Draco had a daughter she would just be better than every other daughter that ever was. She’d be smarter and better looking then all the other females. She would not think at all like Sansa because Sansa was a naive idiot. for some reason Draco’s son appeared as a cyborg. Not sure why… But he would be the best cyborg of all time. For a while… They constantly improve technology so eventually he would either need to get upgraded which could be dangerous or just be obsolete. He’d still be great though.

So there is this cool looking Game called Banished. It’s one of those city building things. Perfect to feed Draco’s need to feel like some all powerful deity. Well it’s more like a city planner thing but Draco can probably figure out how to make worshipy.

Side-note: Draco finished Draco’s summer goal list by finishing a Feast for Crows. Not at all extremely late. Somehow Sansa became one of the few interesting characters and that is slightly sad… Hopefully this Dragon Dance will be more interesting. Also can’t wait for April. Season 4 will be rad yo. Dragons the size of adequate dragons is a really nice change up.