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Yay International Women’s Day. Draco applauds all of the women for being women. Draco’ll have you know that Draco prefers women to the other type of people (Dracoself excluded( Draco is fantastic and better yo( and modest))). Draco would have blogged about this on the actual day but Draco saw Catching Fire instead. Better than the first one. The credits were great though. Really liked them. Also the interaction between Snow and his new Granddaughter was adorable.

Speaking of females Draco saw an old friend who happened to get pregnant by Draco’s one dropout homeless crazy friend. Which reminded  Draco why Draco hates this generation sort of. You see a cute girl, she has a little baby. Not that women with babies are bad or anything, it’s just that in a relationship the person who matters most should be the other person. If you have a baby though the most important person should be the baby. So it wouldn’t really work for Draco.

Draco got this tiny little Lego star destroyer and it’s adorable yo. Which reminded Draco that Draco’d like a little Benny minifigure. Benny was the best Lego Movie person of all time yo. He was classic. classic spaceeeeeee. Ahahaha no one gets that.

Draco is basically done with XCOM. Draco is confused though. So Draco is at the spoiler place spoilering around and Draco’s spoiler character is suddenly missing. Entire game Atlas Romano, amazing psychic invisible sniper who looked like Danny Glover was moving at the speed of death. Suddenly he is missing easy shots.He had never missed once before. He is ruining his legacy but he is going to get a part in Draco’s upcoming story which will take forever to write and you’ll never read.