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Draco’s been really into science lately. Not the process of science; just saying science. Not really science but still it is fun. People should learn some science though. Like using genetic modifications a woman can have a child with only another woman. That is a thing.Science. Draco likes to stay updated. Not just saying that because someone used the man+woman=child thing as a point to say no to gay marriage. Thanks to science we can say when human being and science have enough money a child is made.

SideNote: Draco got to include an Apeture science logo on Draco’s public speaking pres so that is something. It’s for the good of all those listening. Also none of them are dead. Yay science.

So today Draco almost broke Draco’s perfect neck by slipping on some papers left in a store. Now a normal person would be angry but Draco kindly picked them up and folded them. You’re welcome litter bug or possibly just forgetful person.

So this girl offered Draco a apple and Draco asked if she was the devil. She likely didn’t get it but Draco is staying immortal yo.

Anyone remember that lays potato chip slogan you can’t eat just one? Ya Draco ate just one. So that was disproved. But let us say this. You cannot just read one of Draco’s blog posts. Like once you’ve read one the magic sets in and you are stuck reading forever. *insert magicy sounding words here* Muhuhuhuhahahateeheehee! Alright then.So ya potato chips.