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So Draco is watching Agents of Shield. So this is a Marvel show and they have those Viking gods like Thor and Loki but this week they have some seductress called Lorelei. So she is also super strong but she can enslave men by being really hot. Ok that is fine. But these viking god people are shown to be ridiculously strong. So when she pushes a man against a wall and jumps on top of him she’d have thrown him through the building into an adjacent building. So suddenly she isn’t super strong so they can be “oh she is so hot”. Sorta bull.

So gallant spoiler Atlas Romano of XCOM finally started spoilering and spoilered to spoiler the spoiler.  It’s nice because a similar thing happened with that whal…

[Power has been disabled]

[Initiating auxiliary power]

So ya that’s what happened. Kinda symbolic eh? So now on to Poland. Poland used to be the NUMBER ONE reader of Dracoblag. This has decreased dramatically. So if any of you readers living in Poland have suggestions to get you back that would be great. Draco loves you Poland. ❤