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So those view just shot up there. Especially from Poland. Good job friends. Draco is impressed. Poland officially receives the impressed Draco badge. They can now control Pokemon up to level 47 including those they get in trades.

So without XCOM Draco lacks XCOM. So ya… May the steam thingy sale favorably. They never seem to though. They likely wait till Draco has bought something then decide it is time for 75% off.

So Draco likes the idea of ESO but it’s expensive and Draco wants to wait. Today though someone who Draco knows is getting it and Draco would enjoy pvp’ing (player versus player(multiplayer)).They keep showing these cool things and Draco really can’t afford all these cool things. Very annoying. Draco is surrounded by people being elves kicking people with pointy objects and Draco would love to also kick these people. Of course Draco would hold things in, ya know the hands because that is how normal people fight. Lunatics… >.>