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Draco finally got that Banished game. It has not gone well. Not well at all. The best part is the names. Also fishing. Why can’t it just be about nicely named fishing people trying to fish and when it gets cold they cuddle with their fish and they could build structures out of the fish bones? That would be fun. It is sadly chaotic and difficult. Draco has tried all the difficulties and they are clearly mislabeled. Easy is brutal and hard is a cakewalk. Unless it is an Aperture Science Cake Walk Road Device. That would be medium.

Beauregard is the leader of Baurogaurd. He is also a character Draco will probably use in a story which you will never ever read. A problem though is that everyone in Baurogaurd is named Beauregard because they only let a true Beauregard lead them. So dialogue would get confusing. Ya know a “Beauregard turned to Beauregard. ‘We must find Beauregard before Beauregard finds him'” type situations.

There is a spider hanging in that little corner near all the things that can’t be moved or stood on. Sadly Draco can not get rid of it and possibly sacrifice its giant soul to create a Philosopher’s Stone. Or set it on fire. Who really knows. It just needs to not be in this building and if it doesn’t want to leave it needs to die.

Today is basically the last day before having to study for two finals. Draco shall do well on them. If Draco loses points it will be from the instructors wrong opinion.If the third instructor happens to read this and thinks it is about her she should keep in mind that she was totally Draco’s favorite. The other two guys were less than favorites. Anyway Draco will be busy. Usually Draco posts Tuesday so if you expect that you know be aware.