So another freshly pressed post got Draco bothered. It was a fine post but started with men can’t have cravings. Ya this is wrong. Draco can’t even… Draco wanted to call it sexist but it isn’t really even that. It is just a misunderstanding of how people work. Sure women under certain conditions will have cravings but cravings are more of a mental thing. You see all healthy human beings have brains therefore all of them can have cravings.

After a racist twitter trend Draco read someone say he wanted to go back in time and unite the world to enslave Europeans so they knew how it felt. So ya this is bad. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Especially since everyone did it back then. Not that that makes it better. It’s like you want to change things so you were wrong last and the longest.  Everyone should not go back in time and encourage people to enslave each other. You see it’s not nice and that is why most people stopped. + the Irish were sold as slaves but you hardly ever hear them complain. Europe knew how it felt. Now ssh you uneducated expletive who will never read this probably.

Now Draco wanted to continue with that but not on the same topic. Could the other continents unite to defeat Europe in the 1500’s? Australia is to far away. Asia+half of Europe couldn’t defeat England with bombers. Asia would not likely be able to take a united Europe. Most of their victories against European Empires were defenses. Africa was to behind weapon tech wise. South America was taken down by Spain. That is one country of Europe. North America doesn’t have ships which could bridge the gap and if they did they wouldn’t have the weapons. Antarctica might stand a chance with their Ice Demons. Of course they would crush everyone so we should all just leave them alone.