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Draco loves it when people say nice things. As this person called Lilly has said many nice things this blogpost is dedicated to Lilly! yay Lilly. We should all appreciate her many accomplishments. Without you, Draco wouldn’t have an actual good topic for today. Great job. Draco would get you a medal or something but then there is shipping and really by not giving you a medal it’s like you get a cash prize. Congrats!!!!!…

Draco has like five more topics but we’ll only do one more since this should primarily be about nice people. Prepare to not read them because Draco will forget them.

Draco continues to fight with Banished. Draco wanted to be some sort of deity that the little banished people worshiped and feared. Sadly nature is kicking everyone’s rear before the chance is had. Anyway Draco continued working with the previously stated hypothesis that as the difficulty went up it would get easier. This is not true. Medium is easy, hard is medium, and easy is hard. Someday maybe not everyone will die but that day is not today.