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Over the years, USA’s Psych has been one of Draco’s favorite shows. For a show primarily involving murder it was hilarious. So in case anyone doesn’t watch it’s about a guy who pretends to be a psychic and solves crime with his lovable sidekick magic head. Now please go watch every episode preceding this “Nightmare on State Street” and then skip this one. This almost final episode of psych was sadly not an episode of psych. This was just a boring mishmash of boring horror movie references. The reasons those movies were successful in their day was because they were scary. Because they were parodying these movies they lost that. Then you have psych which won with its humor and the adorable dynamic between Psychic Shawn and Magic Head as the SOLVED CRIME. The constant horror parody left no room for horror because it elicited 5 minute long screaming scenes from Gus(Magic head).  And throughout this they really didn’t solve a crime. Usually there is a crime with twists and turns and you don’t always know who did it till the very end. The case which honestly no one cares Draco’ll spoil it. So guy dies. Before he dies and gigantic man walks out looking upset talking about not liking that type of guy. After much screaming, Shawn figures it out while in one of those tiny little shopping places where they have Slurpees and that ilk. After going to get the cops they find the cops put two and two together five minutes earlier and already had the guy. So maybe 5 minutes was spent on case and the remaining time was spent on Gus being terrified or Bruce Campbell being hilarious (a minor redeeming point). So anyway it was officially the worst episode of psych and a complete waste of everyone’s time. Loyalty to the show plus a desire to review it was the only thing that got Draco through it. Honestly Draco can’t express how terrible of an episode it was. Boring, annoying, pointless are all words that could be used to describe it.

Draco finished Assassin’s Creed (1) finally. The problem was that in the end(spoiler) you see some insane scribbles. They were supposed to be a mess that no one could understand. Draco  thought they were pretty straight forward. The sad part is that Abstergo is supposed to be really smart but they can’t recognize famous symbols and unscramble letters like from one of those children’s magazines.

Draco has had another post on burner for a while. it needs to be free but Draco needs to upload a picture. Anyway it will be cool. It’ll have Draco, zerg-ing, moon sugar, something else maybe you never know, and so much more! Probably.