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So Draco was watching Parks and Rec and a No One Cares Who She Was said she was writing a book about her blog. Imagine Draco writing a book about writing a blog which is actually a blag where Draco talks about himself and occasionally ideas for books. Bookception yo.

Draco got Scribblenauts Unlimited and you can make your own stuff. The system is kinda awful though and there was a weird part where this dragon had a floating neck. But Draco made a Draco. It was great. The elbows looked stupid but it was great. Love doing that.


Draco continues to play CIV V. Draco discovered the pathetic little city states can take cities. Draco’s closest ally was the vast Almaty Empire. But the best thing that happened was somehow having way to much money and buying 17 nuclear missiles. France was flat after that. A nice little chateau survived. The land value likely went down though. Still took it. Draco enjoys nice architecture. Plus no annoying neighbors. Fantastic.

So this blog was written about a week ago. Anyway Draco mentioned around Christmas some Aldmeri figs. There is an opposable tail. This picture is better though so you can just imagine it. Khajiit kitty cats for the win. kitty cat giant kitty litter box