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Natalia Poklonskaya is pretty cool. She is Serious about her job, seems to have good morals, and is adorable. that is how you get grade A human being right there. It is people like her who will be talked about three or four hundred years from now. If she could come here and replace the attorney general here that’d be great. Draco is still upset over the one Draco knows rudely ending a phone call. Natalia would likely have the best manners on phone etiquette  But really she should just lead Crimea to a friendly and prosperous future. She deserves much respect and promotion to leader of Russia. Also the other countries should work on putting great people in power also. Ya it is hard to do but Draco believes in you every country ever.

Side note: apparently “Crimea River” has been used to death. Thanks a lot whoever used it first for stealing Draco’s idea. Unless you are Draco from the future. If you are Draco from the future pass Draco lottery numbers please.

Draco has been doing great posts but only some of them actually get out. WordPress just glitches and says it posted but then no one can see it. It is annoying and posting anything usually takes an hour more. It is tiresome. WordPress is still better than tumblr with its customizing tools. They were so bad Draco originally made the tumblr version ugly to try to get people to read the WordPress one. Draco has now removed the ugliness but it still doesn’t look as good. If only Draco had the desire to make the tumblr version great. If only world peace and kittens. oh god the power went out for like three seconds. We are going to die! Nooooooooooo! It is clearly because Draco typed kittens! Agh it happened again! Save Dracooooooo… Actually it seems fi– never mind it happened again. Just as Draco was typing it’s fine. That is going to sound made up but it is true. Draco hasn’t even saved yet so you know it has to be. The universe wouldn’t leave that unpunished.